Three Concealers to Hide College Student Sleep Deprivation

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Three Concealers to Hide College Student Sleep Deprivation

Screen Shot 2017-10-22 at 10.29.11 AM P Drop Capenn is a place for many things: rigorous academics, bustling social life, and an array of life-changing opportunities. Unfortunately one of those things is not sleep. Whether it is midterm season that is stealing those extra z’s, or you just really neeeeed to make an appearance at that downtown—regardless of your beauty rest needs. Penn is not a place known for its well-rested student body.


This may seem fine for a day or two, but when you wake up one morning and are jealous of the shopping trip your eyes just went on; I got your back. I have a trick or two for covering up those pesky eye bags, and these few products definitely take the cake. Below is a list of three of my favorite concealers bound to help you look like a glowing goddess of restfulness, and no one needs to know of how untrue that may actually be.

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1. Bye Bye Under Eye by It Cosmetics

Bye Bye Under Eye by It Cosmetics is one of my absolute favorites. To apply, you squeeze out a tiny, pin head size dot onto your finger and rub in. The coverage is insane for how little you use. Because it is so thick, you definitely feel it when it is on your face. Unfortunately, it only comes in six shades, so some people may have a difficult time finding one to work for them. This concealer is also long wear without having to set it with a powder, so you never have to worry if you are in need of a touch up through the day—because lets be real, ain’t nobody got time for that. Overall I think the quality of this concealer is top notch. Whether it’s under eye bags or a pimple you are trying to cover up, this should definitely be your new go-to.

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2. Creamy Concealer Kit by Bobbi Brown

Bobbi Browns Creamy Concealer Kit is another one of the best concealers out there. It comes with the cream concealer and the setting powder in one sleek palate. You apply this concealer with a brush and set it with the powder for long wear coverage. The coverage is very good and it doesn’t feel too heavy while you are wearing it. This concealer comes in a variety of shades, making it a perfect choice for someone who typically has a difficult time finding their shade. I love this concealer because of the two for one, concealer and powder. It is so versatile and definitely earns it’s spot as a makeup bag staple.

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3. Full Coverage Concealer by Makeup Forever

Makeup Forever is known for their ultra coverage, high performance products, so it is no surprise their Full Cover Concealer makes this list. This product comes in a tube so you can use a sponge, finger, or brush to apply it. I use this concealer every day, so I may have a little bias, but I love love love everything about this one. It is very high coverage without that sticky, heavy feeling that comes along with many concealers. It is waterproof so you really do not have to worry about it coming off through the day. It is very reliable and never cakes on. Depending on what my skin is doing I can also use it as more of a foundation and concealer combo because it feels so light on my skin. This product is goals! 10/10 would recommend. (Pro-tip: prime with a red color corrector, and this baby can even cover up tattoos).

Images Courtesy of Style CasterIt Cosmetics, Sephora Makeup Forever, and Sephora Bobbi Brown.



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