Product Review: Jaclyn Hill x Morphe Eyeshadow Palette

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Product Review: Jaclyn Hill x Morphe Eyeshadow Palette


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t seems like a right of passage for many beauty gurus on Youtube to receive an affiliate code from Morphe Brushes. Almost every prominent MUA (makeup artist) has their discount code in their videos’ description box and cannot create content without promoting their code or featuring something from the brand. For this reason, some people are sick of the name Morphe. People are tired of hearing about it and tired of feeling like the products are being pushed on them. I understand how tiresome it can get to hear about the same name when there are so many other praiseworthy products from other brands, but Morphe deserves the amount of attention it receives. I have been a Morphe customer for years, using their brushes, eyeshadow palettes, blushes, and bronzers, without a complaint. I have always been a fan of the company, and felt that they produced quality products, which is why I could not wait to try their palette in collaboration with Jaclyn Hill.

JH_Palette_5_1024x1024_d751c490-9282-4de2-b2d6-8d3cae278320_largeUnsurprisingly, I was not disappointed. Firstly, I was beyond impressed with the color selection. This palette allows you to create absolutely any look with its neutral and smokey tones, and pops of color, making it perfect for travel or as an addition to any MUA’s kit. Jaclyn Hill claims that her palette with Morphe is unlike any other palette the company carries; a new formula and a press and grinding process that enhances the performance of the shadows explains why it is $38 instead of  the typical palette price of $23. Personally, I did not notice a big difference between these shadows and my other Morphe shadows, but I am not complaining. $38 for 35 shades is still a deal and the shadows performed beautifully. They were easy to blend, pigmented, and had minimal fallout. The only color I had trouble with was “Twerk” which is a deep cobalt blue shade. I found that it was a bit sheer when I put it on my eye, but after packing it on the lid the pigment came through. The color range seems to be suitable for a wide variety of skin tones, and the ratio of mattes to shimmers makes this palette perfect for creating versatile looks. Initially, the palette was limited edition, but as of October 24, the palette became a permanent product! So if you are looking to gift yourself an early holiday present, you can use Jaclyn’s discount code, “JACATTACK”, or another affiliate code to buy it now.

Images Courtesy of Juliasallure and Cosmetality


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