Product Review: ABH Subculture Eyeshadow Palette

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Product Review: ABH Subculture Eyeshadow Palette


21985006_1548005855242675_2105711204100997120_n Advancey Drop Cap 1nastasia Beverly Hills is not a brand that generally disappoints, so when many makeup-lovers, like myself, saw that they were releasing another eyeshadow palette for the fall season, we could not wait for it to hit the shelves. After falling in love with the formula, the pigmentation, and the quality of Modern Renaissance, I had to get my hands on Subculture, until I saw Alissa Ashley’s tweet. This beauty Youtuber tweeted a video of her swirling into one of the shades with a fluffy brush and hitting pan on the first use with powder flying everywhere. From there, I did not see one positive review on the palette. Still believing that ABH could not launch such a subpar product, I decided to buy it myself and see if the reviews I had seen were honest.

Unfortunately, I quickly discovered that they were. I found that the palette was extremely powdery and produced an excessive amount of fallout. With the lightest tap into the shadow, powder flies out the pan, which not only leaves a mess, but is also a waste of product and money. The formula is a lot more loose compared to Modern Renaissance, and noticeably more difficult to blend. Although none of these qualities are what we seek in an eyeshadow palette, I have to admit that the pigment was there for the majority of shadows. Although the shade “Cube” did not show up well on my skintone, I noticed that with the smallest tap of my brush into the other shades, I got way more color on the eye than expected, which some people think outweighs the palette’s faults.  Screenshot_2017-07-20-15-33-5401

Personally, I would only recommend this product to seasoned makeup users. This palette is definitely not for beginners with the amount of fallout and effort you have to put into blending, but I could not think of a better color selection for an autumn palette. If you can’t resist missing out on the shadow range and are comfortable with putting a bit of extra work into your flawless blending and don’t mind a bit of extra cleanup, this palette is definitely for you. If you’re weary to shell out the $42, don’t fret. With so many other quality eyeshadow palettes coming out this season, Subculture is far from being a must-have.

Images Courtesy of Anastasia Beverly Hills and Gorgeously Flawed

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