DIY Natural Face Masks for Clear and Radiant Skin

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DIY Natural Face Masks for Clear and Radiant Skin

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ummer has sadly come to an end, but that doesn’t mean your summer glow has to! There are a number of DIY face masks that are perfect for illuminating your skin and accentuating your natural glow.  So in order to keep your skin looking clear and radiant, here are a few simple DIY face masks that are super easy to make:



Aloe Vera & Honey Mask

Aloe vera and honey are both amazing natural products that enhance the radiance of your skin.  To create this face mask, mix 1 tablespoon of aloe vera gel with 2 tablespoons of honey.  Gently rub this mixture into your skin, and after about 20 minutes rinse your face with warm water. Aloe vera gel is an incredible natural remedy for clear skin because it has anti-inflammatory properties that diminish redness and other signs of irritation.  Honey not only serves as a natural moisturizer that enhances your glow, but it also acts as an antibacterial property that helps to fight and prevent acne!


Avocado Oatmeal & Honey Mask

An avocado oatmeal and honey mask is a perfect way to moisturize and brighten your skin! Here are the steps: mash up½ an avocado into a bowl and add ¼ cup of uncooked oatmeal, 2 tablespoons of honey, 1 tablespoon of organic apple cider vinegar and 1 teaspoon of lemon juice.  Stir the mixture and spread it on your face.   Leave this mask on until it dries (which should probably take about 10 minutes) and then wash it off with warm water. Avocado and honey both act as natural moisturizers for your face, while oatmeal exfoliates, and apple cider vinegar and lemon juice brighten your skin to give it that natural glow.


Tomato & Buttermilk Mask

Tomatoes not only play an essential role in a healthy diet, but they are also great for treating oily and acne-prone skin! To make this mask, start by cutting one tomato and squeezing out the juice from the tomato into a bowl. Measure 2 teaspoons of this tomato juice and mix it with 3 teaspoons of buttermilk.  After mixing these two ingredients together, use a cotton ball to apply this mixture to your face. Finally, wash this mask off with warm water after about 30 minutes. These two ingredients are perfect for improving the radiance of your skin because buttermilk helps to soften your skin while tomatoes boost your natural glow and reduce excess oil and acne.

These face masks are guaranteed to make your skin look and feel flawless! For best results, make sure to apply the face mask of your choice about once or twice a week. Hope you enjoy!

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