NaturAll Club: A Fresh Take on Haircare from Muhga Eltigani (C’14)

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NaturAll Club: A Fresh Take on Haircare from Muhga Eltigani (C’14)

Advancey Drop Cap 1fter Penn, many students struggle finding a job that suits their passions. Others–like CEO Muhga Eltigani (C’14)–carve their own entrepreneurial paths by founding companies. She designed her startup NaturAll Club in 2015 to address the concerns that she had with the hair industry, and was recently named to Forbes’ 2017 30 Under 30 List. Read on for more about Eltigani’s inspiring products, and how Penn influenced her decision to start a business.

If you had to sum up NaturAll Club in one sentence, how would you describe it?

Muhgha Eltigani: Fresh fruit hair products, using food technologies.

What inspired you to start the company?

ME:  I was frustrated with the current offerings on the market that made my hair dry, frizzy, and unhealthy. So I decided to make my own hair recipes for 3 years. I just found tmuhgahat more natural ingredients worked with my hair. Then I gave it to my friends, family, and subscribers to my blog, who loved it. I just saw something missing in the hair product industry and decided to fill in that gap.

Has the company evolved from this original idea in ways you didn’t expect?

ME: Yes! So first, I didn’t realize we would be so tech-focused. I also didn’t realize the great response that the company would receive. I thought it was going to be a small niche group, but it’s actually expanding to a large demographic. I expected we would cater more to people with kinkier, curlier hair because those are the hair types that are often underserved and overlooked in the industry. What I found though is that there’s a whole natural movement in general. People are understanding what they put in their bodies, on their skin and now, it’s moving to haircare. So we get a lot of people who are just health conscious overall.

What makes your products different from other “natural” companies?

ME: For us, we have a product that has a shorter shelf-life and a line that is refrigerated, meaning it’s really fresh. It lasts for about two months, as opposed to some products in the store that can last years. So, you have to wonder what chemicals are put into place in other products that are going to go on your hair and also seep into your skin.


What’s your favorite product you’ve created?

ME: I love the dry hair solution avocado hair mask. It’s our number one seller. People love it because dry hair is such a huge pain point for curlier hair, but I think we’ve found a formula that works with a variety of hair types. (*For tips on how to deep condition with NaturAll products, check out this video!)

Was there anything at Penn in particular that inspired you to pursue NaturAll Club?

ME: The idea actually started in Harnwell dorm. Junior year, I was just frustrated with the hair offerings–you can ask my roommate at the time. I cut my hair and decided to start making hair recipes. I was at Penn, where you don’t want the extra stress level of your hair on top of schoolwork. I started a video blog series at Penn too, thinking it would just be a blog, not eventually evolve into a company. But I think that having a lot of friends who were pursuing a career in business around me, I was able to see that this would be a viable option. In general too, friends and faculty are supportive in Penn students’ dreams, so I feel like I got a lot of support. More specifically, the MAKUU cultural house is really good at getting kids to follow their dreams and think outside of the box.

What’s the most difficult part of managing a startup?

ME: Managing time. You get pulled in so many different directions and at first, it’s so new. It’s understanding what’s working for your company and how to prioritize that. It’s also about knowing when to add new items.


Do you have any advice for upcoming Penn grads?

ME: It’s okay not to know what you’re passionate about yet. A lot of students might have a good job aligned or know where they’re going next, but since Penn is so career-oriented, they might not feel so passionate about them. I think that’s okay. You can start working somewhere you don’t love, so that you know what you don’t love, and figure it out from there.

What can we expect from NaturAll Club in the future?

ME: We’re aiming to be the leading consumer packaged goods company in natural beauty products. We’ll expand our line in haircare and in a couple of years, go into skincare, and maybe even cosmetics. We have a bigger vision now to use our patented technology to create all of these different fruit-based products that really do work better and are healthier for you.

To experience Muhga’s amazing line of products for yourself, go to the NaturAll Club website and type in the code THEWALK to receive 15% off your next order!

Image(s) Courtesy of: Muhga Eltigani

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