Unconventional Fashion


Unconventional Fashion

beyonce-cr-fashion-book-2 letter_I know I’ve done it before: looked into the closet and almost cried over the bland pieces that seem to consume my wardrobe. It’s so easy to just follow the trends that keep you in style, while never stepping out, taking risks, or making a statement. A few artists and designers have recently been making true statements with their lines by using unconventional fashion, which is, for those of you who don’t know, exactly what it sounds like. Everyday objects like plastics, garbage bags, soda cans, and much more can be used in creative ways to make beautiful pieces of art.

fashion week

Designer Conrad Book showcased his new and outstanding collection during Philadelphia Fashion Week. Booker utilized lamp shades, beautiful wiring, clocks, and even plastic drinking straws to create some striking outfits.

Additionally, the Louisville Fashion Show at the Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft displayed amazing use of crazy materials. One dress featured layered matches and then was set on fire as the model walked down the runway to create a majestic dripping pattern. Another student created a traditional style dress out of playing cards and doilies.


Finally, though not in the realm of actual life-size pieces, Grace Ciao’s fashion illustrations using flowers are quite extravagant. These watercolor paintings use bright colors accented by a 3-dimentional pop of flowers and texture on the page.



These designers are truly getting more creative than ever!

Images courtesy of Missinfo, Philadelphia Fashion Week, 89.3 WFPL, The Arcadia


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