Lessons from the Queen of Coachella

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Lessons from the Queen of Coachella


With Coachella upon us, we wonder if we should’ve taken that weekend trip to California to hang out with our fellow festivalgoers and forget about school. But alas–we cannot, so I will bring Coachella fashion to you! Here are the many ways people at Coachella dress and style themselves for this iconic festival. When mentioning Coachella fashion, I wouldn’t be entirely credible if I didn’t refer to examples from the Queen of Coachella: Vanessa Hudgens. She dominates the fashion scene at this festival, and everyone knows it. One look at her and you know what Coachella fashion should look like.

**EXCLUSIVE**  Vanessa Hudgens enjoys the Coachella music festival with her boyfriend Austin Butler while carrying a giant yellow flowerCoachella fashion is a mix between boho-chic and glam. While most go for floral patterns and flowy fabrics, lots go into the opposite direction and glam up their looks with an extravagant dress, bold jewelry, and rhinestones on their face.  The Queen herself switches up her style every day for every year she goes. Vanessa embodies all types of people at this festival and is the ultimate Coachella goer. She wears her hair loose with flowers and statement jewelry while keeping her clothing minimalistic but so in touch with Coachella vibes. Vanessa is effortlessly cool. Just like Coachella.


Another Coachella trend would be rompers and bralettes. Vanessa has her cute print romper, which matches perfectly with all the boho accessories and hats. She knows exactly how to put different aspects of an outfit together. With her new hair color, Vanessa also rocks her colored sunglasses–a super popular trend nowadays at most festivals, but a MUST at Coachella.

What we also see is the use of floral patterns. Trust me: I’m from California and everyone I know has gone to Coachella, so I’ve seen all of the Instagrams and Snapchats! Most outfits worn include some kind of floral pattern, as it gives a laid back, hipster sort of vibe which most Coachella goers aim for. The Screen Shot 2017-04-16 at 2.08.07 PMmore colorful the better, I would say. Many do go for minimalistic look, as I mentioned earlier, with simple crop tops and jean shorts, but as you can see at the photo on the left, Vanessa looks gorgeous with this flowy, colorful gown she wore on her second day of Coachella this year. We expected her to dominate the fashion scene again this year and she did not disappoint.
The popularity of trends at Coachella are evident; many can see them on their Instagram feeds this whole weekend. I know most of you are sad that you couldn’t make it, but there is still next year! So if you are planning to go to Coachella next year, want to dress this way for Lollapalooza or Made In America, take tips from the Queen herself. Put some rhinestones on your face, put that boho chic hat on (don’t forget the glitter!) and rock that look you’ve been dying to try out.

Images Courtesy of Instagram, LaModa, and GlamRadar.

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