Trends in Piercing: The Curated Ear


Trends in Piercing: The Curated Ear

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When you ask most people about their piercings, many have a piercing or two on their earlobe. Most got these piercings at their local mall with a piercing gun and someone who was briefly trained in how to put an earring in an ear. This is a stark contrast from those who consider themselves piercing artists; they work to perfect their craft and have started to do what some call “curated ears.”

A curated ear is a series of piercings and earrings that are designed to go together. The wearer and piercer come together to choose earrings their placement on the ear that will compliment the style and personality for the wearer. 1472847277568This usually involves piercings in multiple locations along the ear, including the lobe, cartilage, and tragus (that little triangular shape of cartilage that sticks out near your ear canal) of the ear. The result is a beautiful, wearable collection of art.

There are some piercers who have emerged, specifically among the fashion communities, as being leaders in their field. The most notable is J. Colby Smith, who is now based out of LA. He is most known for his work out of New York based shop, New York Adorned. The shop has attracted the like of celebrities, fashion icons, and even royalty. His Screen Shot 2017-02-12 at 1.09.10 PMwork has garnered national attention and he has come to be the spokesperson of piercers and continuously sets piercing trends for the fashion world. His most notable trend has been the collection of multiple dainty piercings. He began giving his clients a collection of his small, post earrings and the fashion world took notice. The trend of multiple earrings crawling up ears was seen all over the fashion world and quickly moved into widespread trends.

Smith has been interviewed by most major fashion magazines and if you ask anyone in the fashion industry in New York where to get pierced, they will immediately say New York Adorned. Smith has recently moved to LA, but in his place came Adrian Castillo, another talent in the piercing world. Following in Colby’s footsteps, he also curates ears to produce the perfect balance of edgy, dainty, and stylish jewelry and placement.


Piercings are a great way to accessorize your body without the commitment of a tattoo; piercings easily close up and although they may seem semi-permanent, they can be a great way to show your personal style in a noncommittal way. When thinking about what piercings to get, think about your everyday outfits. Are you edgier, preppier, or moreboho? If you are edgier, a series of small rings might compliment your style, while a tragus piercing looks great with a set of pearls for preppier styles. Look at the instagrams of piercers, celebrities, and other style icons to see what they have done. It is important to remember that each persons ear is different, similar to clothes, therefore not all piercings are going to look great on everyone. It is important to consult a professional piercer, preferably one who is a member of the Association of Piercers, and they will be able to pick out the best style and placement for you.


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