Street Style Essentials


Street Style Essentials

street style

drop cap maybe you’ve heard of “street style,” but you might be wondering what the hell it actually is. It’s exactly what it sounds like: style found on the streets, most commonly during fashion week when models, buyers, and bloggers can be seen roaming the sidewalks in places like New York City, London, and Milan. This is a time for them to show off, whether it be in looks straight from the runway or more creative endeavors. For us normal people, recreating street style looks can be challenging since we don’t have stylists or PR teams. But do not fret! We’ve broken down the essential parts of street style so that you too can look effortlessly cool –  but without all of the effort.

Mom Jeans Are Here to Stay

momjeansMom jeans were everywhere during fashion month, and for a good reason.  They look amazing on every body type and help make fancy tops more wearable.  Admittedly, vintage Levi’s are somewhat hard to find, but due to the popularity of the style, there are plenty of new brands that are just as good.  See ASOS for a variety of washes and styles.

Layers, People. LAYERS

layers nyfwAn artfully layered outfit is great for those days that start off freezing but end with sun. There’s not much rhyme or reason to layering, so chances are you already have several items in your closet that work. Mix colors, textures, and proportions for an outfit that is sure to stand out.

Accessories, Please

accessoriesYou may want to avoid the faux fur tail, but there are plenty of other accessories that can turn your street style up a notch. Aim for statement pieces, like a large pair of earrings or a belt.

Ironic Designer Pieces

guccitshirtWhy wear a regular t-shirt when you can spend $400 on one from Gucci? For the aesthetic, of course. Designer logos are incredibly popular among models and bloggers because they are unexpected and playful, but you can get the same effect from a graphic tee.

Invest in Outerwear

outerwear1If street style has one hero item, it’s outerwear. A sleek jacket or bright coat can make a look, especially since it’s the only part of your outfit people will see on cold days. Try to avoid puffer jackets–unless they’re Balenciaga (kidding). A great place to find affordable, yet quality, outerwear is Zara.

Don’t Forget the Sunglasses

sunglassesModels and bloggers are always pictured in sunglasses – no matter the season.  For the easiest street style hack, pop on the Ray-Bans and throw some shade.  Maybe that’s all you’re missing.

Images Courtesy of: Harper’s Bazaar (1, 2, 3), Vogue, Elle (1, 2)

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