Fashion’s Favorite Tattoo Artist


Fashion’s Favorite Tattoo Artist

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Anonymous Drop Cap 1t’s hard to scroll through Instagram these days without seeing some fashion influencer sporting a new tattoo. These tattoos range from the incredibly small white tattoos, to larger tattoos, such as the one that graces Demi Lovato’s entire side. The trend in tattoos today, however, is tiny tattoos that appear on all parts of the body, but are commonly found on the insides of fingers and on the forearm, ankle, and ribcage. These tiny tattoos are often simple line drawings or phrases written in script that give off major cool kid vibes.

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The man who is most famous for these little tattoos is Jonathan Valena, or JonBoy. You have probably seen one of JonBoy’s tattoo’s, but you may not know it. His high profile clientele includes a wide range of people, from Kendall Jenner and Vanessa Moody to Zayn Malik and Justin Bieber. JonBoy’s tattoo style is consistant; he rarely creates tattoos bigger than a fist and most are delicate line drawings. JonBoy is the fashion world’s go-to guy for tats. He’s become so sought-after that it is almost impossible to get an appointment with him, but if you do, it’s going to cost you $300 an hour.

Based out of New York, JonBoy has become an icon not only in the tattoo world, but also in the fashion industry. You can catch him sitting front row at fashion shows such as Yeezy or Jeremy Scott, and chances are that he has created a tattoo for more than one of the models on the runway. He has been featured in every major fashion magazine, including a recent article by Vogue highlighting the experience of receiving one of his famous tats. He has become so influential in the fashion industry that he now has a sneaker collaboration coming out with Koio Collective.

Screen Shot 2017-02-26 at 11.10.40 PMJonBoy also uses extremely unique ink to make interesting tattoos. He utilizes red ink to create tattoos with a more urban vibe. Kylie Jenner has received multiple red tattoos from JonBoy, and the girly color gives a softer feel to her ink. Zayn Malik’s lightsaber tattoo is actually filled with ink that glows under a black light, giving the lightsaber the appearance that it is actually glowing. JonBoy has also created tattoos with white ink, a huge trend in fashion. The white ink appears almost invisible, creating a totally different look than black or even red tattoos.

Gone are the days where tattoos are reserved for sailors and rockstars. These small tattoos are embraced by people of all styles and personalities and allow the owner to express themselves. From preppy to bohemian to urban styles, everyone is embracing the tiny tattoo trend, but the style is flexible that the wearer is able to customize it in order to create the perfect, unique look for them. Tattoos have become one of the fashion industry’s favorite accessories, and are even embraced by many fashion houses, either through highlighting models’ existing tattoos or using temporary ones on the runway, as Tommy Hilfiger has done. Tattoos have become the highlight of the look, not simply part of it.

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