Fashion Speaks Volumes


Fashion Speaks Volumes


Roman Drop Cap 1ashion is the silent killer. But killer in a good way; as in fashion can speak millions of words without saying one thing. It can stop an army, instill peace, inflict conflict, and bring a nation together. Statements are made every day by people who select what pieces to put together, showing themselves in a different light.

Statements designed by a celebrity (aka their stylist) can be groundbreaking and can reach billions of people. Famous people have the chance to send a message through their choice of outfit, and that in and of itself is pretty remarkable.

In the recent tide of arousing and emotionally tolling events circulating the country, fashion has been more important and effective than ever.

beyonce-halftime-superbowlFirstly, during Super Bowl 50, one of the biggest national events of the century, Beyoncé performed during the half-time show. Her big statement was full black bodysuits for herself and all of her dancers, silently evoking her stance for Black Power.

That is a straight killer outfit, you go Queen B.

hillary-clinton-white-suit.w710.h473.2xSpeaking of “power to the she,” Hilary Clinton has shown her message of mobility of women in the political and voting sphere in her style choices. Last year, she sported a sleek and stylish white pantsuit during her presentation of the nomination for the Democratic Party. The white symbolized the original organization color of the Women’s Rights Convention in Seneca Falls. Clinton was making a statement, saying “look how far we have come thanks to these women who came before us.” Whether a Democrat or a Republican, one must acknowledge that Clinton emblematizes women’s power and success.

michelleTurning over to the political sphere, none other than the former FLOTUS has struck America yet again with her fashion statements. Following the election, Michelle Obama met, as customary, with the new First Lady, Melania Drumpf. Obama elegantly wore a deep purple dress by Narciso Rodriguez. The purple symbolizes the union of the two political parties, as power is passed from a Democratic president to a Republican one. This look inspires peace for our country in a time of big change.

What kind of message do you want to send today?

Images courtesy of  Daily Stormer, Deloitte, The Cut, Glamour.

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