Beating the Weekday Hangover


Beating the Weekday Hangover


Advancey Drop Cap 1s busy Penn students, we are constantly working to live up to the ever-present challenge of balancing our social lives with our academic and extracurricular responsibilities. Most of us, not wanting to have to pick one over the other, have experienced that weekday hangover after a rowdy date night or a spontaneous trip to Smokes. So, what’s the best way to recover and make it to that 9am ready to conquer your quiz or take some seriously thorough notes? Here are some of the best tried and true hangover tips to beat that weekday hangover.



1. Chug TONS of water and Gatorade

The pain from your hangover is caused by dehydration. Since alcohol is a diuretic, a night of drinking will cause liquid to flood out of your body leaving you with a throbbing headache. That inflammatory response from the body’s immune system can be ameliorated by rehydration. Drinking water before you go to sleep is the best way to guard against a hangover, but if you forget, make sure to drink two glasses of water (or as much as you can handle) and one bottle of Gatorade (for the electrolytes) right when you wake up. One good way to remember to hydrate is to place water and Gatorade on a bedside table before you leave for the night.

2. Wash your face with tingling, cool cream face wash

Drinking alcohol can damage your skin, causing dryness and acne. A cool face wash will clean off the dirt from the night before, rejuvenating your skin and helping to fight that morning grogginess. Using tingling washes, like Clean and Clear deep action cream cleanser, is a great way to wake yourself up so you can start your day.

3. Go for a 10 to 15-minute run

Exercise helps flush toxins out of your body and is a great way to get rid of that hangover as quickly as possible. A quick jog the morning after works to refresh your body, clear your head, and release endorphins. The after-run shower is a plus!

4. Eat a big, healthy breakfast

Our stomachs need food to soak up alcohol and settle any queasiness we may feel after a night of drinking. Fruit smoothies are a healthy option to fill that belly and get the necessary vitamins back into your system. For a particularly upset stomach, I recommend eggs, toast, and orange juice to help keep everything down (we’ve all had those days). Eating breakfast is so so important on any day, but is even more important when trying to get rid of a nasty hangover.

5. Drink coffee

It’s no secret that coffee is also a diuretic, but if you’ve already followed step one it’s safe to have a cup or two! Coffee will not only wake you up, but its caffeine content makes the drink an effective pain relief option – coffee is even used to treat migraines.

If you love Wacky Wednesdays or Thirsty Thursdays, these tips might make that weekday hangover and morning class struggle a little less painful so you can keep up that work hard, play hard lifestyle.

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