Soylent: A Review

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Soylent: A Review

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Everyone raves about the magic of Soylent but what is really in it and is it worth your money? Julio Miles, VP of Customer Support at Soylent, reports that Soylent is still finalizing their formula but the 400-calorie drink currently has a mixture of ingredients to give you servings of carbohydrates, protein, and fiber all in one drink. Not only does Soylent produce drinks, but also energy bars and powders. The goal for their products is to provide a substitute meal in place of a bland salad or protein bar. Having tried this drink several times, I wanted to check out some reviews to see whether Soylent is really doing what is says it’s doing.

So, is Soylent actually helpful?

After following up with multiple sources, the consensus seems to be that it DID help users lose weight while going on a Soylent liquid diet. The drink was filling and dieters were not as tempted to snack on fattening foods. However, there are still some minor setbacks. A large misconception regarding Soylent seems to be that Soylent is a substitute for all meals, when in fact it is supposed to only be a substitute for some meals. Additionally, a fraction of consumers did not like the taste and feel as if it resembled liquid oatmeal (and I’d have to agree).


As of now, critiques seem to remain neutral on whether or not a Soylent liquid diet is beneficial. However, if you aren’t a fan of Soylent and are looking for an alternative liquid diet, some effective alternatives include juice cleanses and clear liquid diets. More information about liquid diets can be found here.


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