IMHO: I was personally victimized by WeWoreWhat


IMHO: I was personally victimized by WeWoreWhat

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dropcap_on an unassuming day this summer, I made a grave discovery: WeWoreWhat blocked me.  Of her 1.5 million followers, she chose to block someone who has never liked nor commented on a single photo. I was perplexed (read: pissed) by this supposed snub, and thought to put my investigative journalism skills to the test.  Though I did not uncover the root of my own rejection, I did come across a treasure trove in the form of @WePhotoshopperWhat.  The account chronicles WeWoreWhat’s extensive use of Photoshop – and silencing of those who dared call her out – through a side-by-side comparison of her earned and owned media. (Shout-out to my MKTG 101 homies!)

The ubiquity of Photoshop is not a new revelation.  We all recognize that the images featured in editorials and advertisements are digitally enhanced.  However, this same knowledge does not apply to social media. Fashion bloggers like WeWoreWhat have come to prominence because of their authenticity – a perspective magazines fail to provide.  We aspire to be Beyoncé on the cover of Vogue, but we can be that girl on Instagram.  When WeWoreWhat retouches her photos, she deliberately deceives the followers she has amassed through her “relatable” figure and style.  Is it fair to endow bloggers with this special responsibility?  The answer is not clear-cut.  At best, WeWoreWhat perpetuates an unrealistic set of beauty standards.  At worst, she does more harm than the magazines she rivals.

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WeWoreWhat herself responded to the account in 2014, commenting:

This is so mean and unnecessary. I can own my Photoshop fuck-ups, but to call them out publicly seems malicious.  Most people I know, including other bloggers and anyone that puts content out to the public every day, has editing involved in photos… This honestly feels like bullying.

I agree.  The hashtag #fakeass is less than sympathetic to the body concerns all women share.  But at the same time, an influential person who disseminates falsified imagery to an impressionable following deserves to be called out.  @WePhotoshopperWhat may not be the most constructive approach, but at least it sparked a dialogue about the prevalence of Photoshop in our feeds.

Continue reading for bloggers who embrace their natural beauty.



Courtney Trop, @alwaysjudging
Though her motto may be to always dress down, Courtney is not your average minimalist.  She knows how to incorporate a statement detail – from a vintage Chanel chain link belt to a sequin IRO blazer.  Even her (currently pink) hair makes an impact.  Color me impressed.



Lucy Williams, @lucywilliams02
Lucy, a fashion editor turned blogger, is known for her high-low mix.  Only she can integrate Vans, a Ganni leopard duster, and J.W. Anderson bag in one cohesive outfit.  For a lesson on when to splurge and when to save, give this girl a follow.



Brittany Bathgate, @brittanybathgate
The epitome of modern minimalism, Brittany champions an all-black wardrobe. *Sigh* A woman after my own heart. (ICYMI: Black is the new black.)  Her monochromatic steez manifests across luxe knits, relaxed denim, and covetable but classic bags.  Even with the profound overuse of mirror shots, Brittany’s feed is editorial-worthy.



Anne-Laure Mais, @adenorah
Anne-Laure is the quintessential “French girl.”  She doesn’t diet, doesn’t follow trends, and holds a penchant for Breton stripes.  Follow for a peek into her elusive je ne sais quoi.



Patricia Manfield, @patriciamanfield
You may not know her name, but chances are you know her face.  Flip through any issue of Vogue and you’ll find Patricia alongside her equally beautiful Italian boyfriend.  Some people have it all.  This reluctant It Girl has a knack for unexpected outfit combinations.  Would you pair a navy Lacoste polo and over-the-knee Versace boots?  Probably not.  But Patricia pulls it off seamlessly.  Her sartorial choices have garnered the eye of fashion editors, street style photographers, and 260K followers.


– Allison Litt

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