IMHO: Black is the new black


IMHO: Black is the new black

Wednesday Adams Mitchell Drop Cap 1o say that I love black would be an understatement.  I own exactly two colored garments and they are both pajama pants.  So rare are the days when I wear blue denim that comments from friends (and the occasional bold professor) inevitably follow.

You don’t do black?  Respect.  But for the lazy among us, black is a necessity.  It can go multiple wears before wash.  It can flatter those who have yet to lose the freshman 15 (or 20).  It can be grabbed with closed eyes on mornings where getting dressed is akin to imagining a Donald Drumpf presidency.  It can be paired with an infinite iteration of grey, tan, or navy – and you know that it’s going to look good.

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Black is the color of the effortlessly chic.  The no-nonsense.  The women who take their whiskey neat and coffee black. You think Emmanuel Alt drinks half-caf soy mocha lattes?  No, she does not.  Black communicates a distinct personality that warns the haters on Locust to back the frick off.  Worn head-to-toe, it affords experimentation with shapes and textures.  Worn in isolation, it allows for risks in the accessory department.  Either way, it’s hella fierce.

We’ve been told that this, that, and every other color in the Pantone library is “the new black.”  But IMHO, nothing beats the real thing.  Continue scrolling to embrace your inner dark side.

708549_in_xl Fendi Crepe-Trimmed Velvet Jumpsuit

40116677UQ_13_f Saint Laurent Classic Motorcycle Jacket

757201_in_xl Vetements Leather-Trimmed High-Rise Straight-Leg Jeans

h57c059b53a3b7 Trademark Bucket Bag

713132_in_xl Stella McCartney Croc-Effect Faux-Leather Pumps

– Allison Litt

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