Denim on Denim


Denim on Denim

The 28th Annual American Music AwardsWhen you hear the phrase “denim on denim”, you may flash back to a nightmarish photo of Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake decked out in head-to-toe jean material. You’re not alone. But don’t let this image turn you off from trying a jean jacket + jean pants combo.


One rule that seems to persist is that the darker denim goes on the bottom. It’s common to see a light wash jean button down paired with a darker jean pants. Another way to go is the lighter jean jacket over a t-shirt. Mixing different denim washes helps balance the outfit, rather than making it look too matching.

Of course, rules are made to be broken. Another combo is the white jeans and blue jean shirt. This look lends a more classy vibe, rather than the more casual jean jacket look. Unknown

When going for denim on denim, it’s best to refrain from heavy jewelry. The denim speaks loudly on its own, and keeping it simple will allow the focus to be on what’s important: the texture and color.

A few more cute denim on denim looks to try include:

1) Black turtleneck + jean jacket + dark jeans:


2) Denim shirt tucked into a denim skirt:


3) And if you’re feeling particularly experimental, try going for denim overalls with a denim shirt underneath:


Don’t be afraid to try something new or experiment with something that’s been getting old!

-Faith Cho

Images courtesy of: glamour pinterest, stylecaster, thejeansblog, lookbook.

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