Keeping the Closet Clean


Keeping the Closet Clean

Anonymous Drop Cap 1f you love clothes and have weak willpower (like me), then your closet may be a chaotic heap of shirts, dresses, jeans, jackets… you name it. And you may therefore find yourself wading through a sea of cloth in the morning just to find that particular item to complete your outfit.IMG_4265


Here are some tips to clean your closet and keep it neat!

The easiest way to de-clutter your space is to throw out some clothes. Painful, I know, but there’s always that one shirt you know you’re never going to wear again. Take all the clothes out of your closet and sort them into two piles: keep and throw. The clothes you don’t want to keep can go into trash bags that can be donated.

After that comes the hard part: putting everything back.

If you keep shoes in your closet, the easiest way to keep them organized is to “stagger” them. By facing the left shoe and right shoe in different directions, you’ll gain more space on the shelves (as seen below).


To make more space in your drawers, roll your clothes (as if you were packing your clothes into a suitcase). By rolling your clothes, you can also easily see what you’ve folded when you’re looking for something in particular. This is called the KonMari method, created by Marie Kondo. She introduces a particular way of folding shirts, jeans, and even underwear that will maximize space in your closet.2552296348

I always find that my closet gets messy when I can’t find the clothes I want. In my search to find the perfect outfit, I end up throwing everything on the floor. However, I found that it really helped to sort my clothes by type. For example, I have a drawer for casual T-shirts, and I tend to hang my nicer shirts up. This way, I at least know to search in a certain area rather than going through my whole closet.


I know, it’s always easier said than done, but the feeling of a clean closet is always gratifying.

Faith Cho

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