IMHO: Sweden trumps America


IMHO: Sweden trumps America

hanna_stefansson_orange_coat_red_boots_4Mitchell Drop Cap 1he current political climate notwithstanding (PSA: Make Donald Drumpf Again), I love America.  ‘Tis the land of freedom, Tommy Hilfiger, and getting #turnt on the 4th of July.  But in terms of fashion, there is no comparison.

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The frumpiest of Swedes would be, like, the president of Tabard (if that’s even a thing?).  To boost your Scandinavian sensibility, I present the knowledge gained from my semester studying the shops  – and not the books – in Stockholm.  Continue reading for the best of Swedish fashion.  IKEA definitely not included.

11925670_941329442580503_1722232203_n Acne Studios
What I would do for an Acne leather jacket.  A permanent fixture on my Pinterest (check me out @ allisonlitt10), Acne Studios exemplifies the modern, pared-down aesthetic that has become the hallmark of Swedish fashion.  Defined by clean lines, neutral tones, and androgyny, Acne offers a look that can be taken straight from the show to the streets.  Fun fact: In one of his latest campaigns, creative director Johnny Johansson used his 11-year-old son as a model for the women’s collection.  Epic.



& Other Stories
Brought to you by the quintessentially Swedish H&M group, & Other Stories is beloved for its luxe minimalism at high-street prices.  Continuing its sister brand’s legacy of designer collaborations, & Other Stories has produced capsule collections with both Rodarte and Clare Vivier.  Unlike the catastrophe that was H&M x Balmain, these collaborations were quiet and tasteful – just like Sweden.


On the prowl for a cooler, pricier Superga?  Then Eytys is the sneaker for you!  For the bargain price of $185, you can become the proud owner of leather low-tops with vulcanized rubber soles (whatever that means.)  Did I purchase a pair? Naturally.  It’s a souvenir … or so I told my parents.



For another overpriced brand, be sure to check out Stutterheim, which has accomplished the near impossible and designed a fashionable raincoat.  I, too, was skeptical of this oxymoron, but after visiting the Stutterheim flagship and seriously testing the sales associate’s patience, I was won over by the raincoat’s fit and signature matte finish.  Still unconvinced?  Both Kim K and Ye have rocked the Stutterheim raincoat in black. If that’s not a stamp of approval, I don’t know what is.


Your trendy international friend in Theta or Owls definitely owns a Sandqvist backpack – and chances are you’re pronouncing it wrong. Think of Sandqvist as the Swedish take on Herschel.  Originally designed for hiking, biking, and other outdoor activities I hate, Sandqvist is now a favorite amongst the fashion crowd. I personally am inclined towards the Alva backpack in blue.  It’s modern yet timeless and sure to stand out in a sea of black North Faces.


Honorable mentions include Filippa K, Absolute Vodka, and Alexander Skarsgård.  IMHO, of course.

– Allison Litt

Images courtesy of: Fashionista, Refinery29, This is Jayne Wayne, Elle, and Sandqvist.

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