6 Vintage Looks To Recreate Now

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6 Vintage Looks To Recreate Now

Thanks to the popularity of social media, it is too easy to feel overwhelmed by new trends since we are constantly in a fashion-media overload. The best way to combat this is to find your own source of fashion inspiration, and try not to worry about what’s “in” or “out” at the moment–just wear whatever you like! Personally, I love to find inspiration from vintage fashion. Admittedly, not every vintage trend is wearable, but there are a surprising amount of looks from decades past that can be worn today. With this in mind, here are six vintage outfit formulas that are actually genius.


Francoise Hardy, 1960s

1. Neutral Sweater + Suede Skirt + Ankle Boots

It’s hard to believe that this photo is from about fifty years ago; this simple outfit can clearly stand the test of time. Take a turtleneck sweater, pair it with a suede skirt and ankle boots, and you’ve got the perfect fall look–the guitar is optional.


Linda Evangelista, 1989

2. All Black Everything + Camel Coat

Most people own a black top, leggings, and boots, but adding a camel coat is what takes this outfit from basic to effortlessly chic. You could even wear a brighter coat or blazer instead, if the camel color feels too plain.


Seventeen Magazine, 1969

3. Button-Down + Plaid Skirt + Knee High Socks

Traditionally, most people might be reminded of a private school uniform when looking at this photo. However, the beauty of this outfit is that it can come in many forms. When worn in black and white (see fifth girl from the right), it is simple and classy. The color combination really dictates how serious you want to look. Not to mention, an A-line skirt is extremely flattering on any body type.


Drew Barrymore, 1991

4. Pastel Cardigan + Boyfriend Jeans + Choker

The 90s were known for grungy, punk-rock style, but this combination of a cardigan, choker, and boyfriend jeans is unexpected enough to feel fresh and not overdone.


Jane Birkin, 1960s

5. White Turtleneck + White Skirt + Layering Necklaces

Who says you can’t wear white after Labor Day? This outfit is reason enough to break that rule. Really, any sweater and skirt of the same color can be effective in this look, and the layering necklaces add a cool, metallic accent.


Seventeen Magazine, 1987

6. Oversized Sweater + Army-Style Pants

This final outfit may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but leave it to the 80s to take a theme and run with it. To get this look, pair an oversized sweater with high-waisted army pants. Add sunglasses if you want to feel like you’re Tom Cruise in Top Gun–in the best way possible.

-Sarah Llewellyn

Images Courtesy of: Pinterest (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)

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