You Deserve A Break!

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You Deserve A Break!

When is the last time you allowed yourself to take a break? When is the last time you gave yourself any credit? If you’re a Penn student, you’ve been admitted into one of the nation’s top universities, and competed with the best of the best ever since. You have made it through double-scheduled midterms, presentations and even Penn’s writing seminars … Needless to say, you should be proud of yourself and of the immense dedication, strength, and talent it has taken to get to where you are currently.

The bubble of perfection that seems to surround Penn is hard to exist in — everyone always seems fine. More than that, everyone seems to thrive without a struggle. While we all know this is not the case, no one wants to be the first to show any sign of weakness. However, with the stresses of OCR and midterm season in the air, it is extremely important to listen to yourself and take breaks to maintain your peace of mind.

Even though every day is meticulously scheduled out, there is always 10-30 minutes to spare. Why not treat yourself for a few minutes?

1) 30-Minute Nap


A 30-minute nap helps reboot your system and can leave you feeling rejuvenated. Next time you get stuck in the middle of a problem set and can not find the solution, take a step back and close your eyes for a little while. You may find that that is just what you need to get a new perspective on the equation.

2) 15 -Minute Yoga Flow


You might not have time to attend an hour class, but you probably do have time for a yoga cycle that is 15 minutes long. Hop onto youtube and type in 15 minute yoga flow and you will be surprised to find how refreshed you can feel after only a few minutes in some power poses. You also might find out just how inflexible you are, but that’s what beginner flows are for!

3) 10-Minute Coffee Break


If you are like the many other caffeine lovers on campus, you most likely have already planned on grabbing a coffee at some point during your day. Next time you stop by Starbucks, Saxbys, or your favorite indie coffee spot, take a moment to sit down catch your breath. Go ahead and order your usual, but this time refrain from unpacking the laptop and notes until after you’ve finished your coffee. When you take 10 minutes to sit and just be, it will feel like a luxury — trust me.

The important thing to remember is that it’s okay to stop for a few minutes. After all, you do deserve a break!

-Camillia Nwokedi

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