Polished @ Penn: Lucia Huo (C’20)

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Polished @ Penn: Lucia Huo (C’20)

College freshman Lucia Huo is your typical girl next door, the kind of girl who wears a dress in the same unassuming manner as she does a pair of sweatpants. When asked to define her style, she states that she simply seeks to combine comfort with classic silhouettes. For Huo, it is important that her clothes represent who she is as a person, and as a charming, easy-going student, she always pulls together an effortless look to match her modest nature. When in doubt, she’ll throw on a pair of blue jeans. With the fall quickly approaching, slip on a jacket and she’s good to go! Stripped of glamour, pomp, and flashy patterns—her look is one that is carefree and approachable.


Huo made it clear that she places little emphasis on the latest fashion trends or typical style icons. Rather, she finds fashion extremely personal. Thus, her sense of style has been developed over the years in a very simple way: when an outfit makes her feel good, made her feel like herself, she takes note. She gravitates toward neutral-toned clothing, and her favorite pieces tend to be more loose-fitting, which gives her outfits a more casual look. Her fingers remain distinctly bare save for a single silver ring, her only piece of daily jewelry along with a dainty pair of pearl earrings. Fashion, for Huo, is all about what makes her feel confident — and it’s her self-confidence that works as her best accessory.

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The best part about Huo’s closet is the fact that her pieces are rather eclectic. She loves to combine department brands (think Levi, Forever 21, etc.) with unique pieces pulled from local boutiques or even from her mother’s closet. While she loves name brands, some of her favorite pieces have been collected from trips overseas or from small, independent stores. With a great mix of retail and unique items, Huo’s wardrobe reflects one of a typical Penn student.


From distressed boyfriend jeans to loose chiffon tops, Huo’s wardrobe strikes the perfect balance between elegant and relaxed — all while maintaining a careful touch of femininity. In the end, Huo has developed a fashion sense that will never go out of style.

—Airika Yee

Images courtesy of Caroline Gibson

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