Chokers: From Dog Collars to Très Chic

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Chokers: From Dog Collars to Très Chic


What comes to mind at the mention of the word choker? When I was a kid the first thing that popped into my mind was a mean cartoon dog. As I grew into my tween years, chokers reminded me of 90’s grunge. This style of necklace appeared in pop grunge on celebrities like Avril Lavigne, and in pop, on celebrities like Britney Spears during the early 2000’s. A decade later, chokers have suddenly made a resurgence. Chokers are popping up all over the world on cool girls from Gigi Hadid to Kendall Jenner and even the more feminine celebrities like Taylor Swift.

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While the most common choker in the 90’s was the tattoo choker and therefore was very simple, now chokers are becoming more creative. From suede ribbon wrapped around the neck in a bow, to bejeweled lace; from thick bands of fabric that resemble a dog collar, to delicate leather ribbon, chokers now encompass all styles of fashion. The choker no longer belongs to the grunge girl with flannels and baggy ripped jeans. It belongs to the hipster and the prepster; to the girly girl, the goth and the androgynous alike. Chokers made an appearance all over the runways this season, including in Oscar de la Renta Fall/Winter 2016-2017, Alexander Wang Fall/Winter 2016-2017, Dior Spring/Summer 2016, and Balmain Spring/ Summer 2016. With the change in season comes a new fall wardrobe so try adding the choker to your closet. Here are some examples to start you off on the choker style:



If you’re apprehensive of the look, go with a simple and sleek version that is only just apparent.This leather Urban Outfitters choker ($18) is the perfect necklace for beginners.


If you want to emulate the classic look of the 90’s, go with this Urban Outfitters tattoo choker ($8). Classics never go out of style. To make the look a little more modern, pick the pink color to add a more feminine vibe to the aesthetic.

If your style is often more feminine, look at this delicate yet badass choker from Love Culture ($9.95). The thin string and cute bow make a nice contrast to the grungier black suede. The choker almost resembles the ribbons on the pointe shoes of a ballerina. Try the camel or beige color instead of black for a more boho look.




If you’re the typical grunge girl, go for a more unique look that combines the choker and the bandanna into one accessory. At the price of $10 from Asos, this will definitely become a staple in your wardrobe.




Lastly if you love embellishments and jewels and are willing to spend the extra money, check out this choker from Shopbop ($145). The Swarovski crystals embedded into the intricate lace will sparkle in the light just enough to call attention to this unique and feminine choker.



In closing: embrace the choker like the badass dog that it came from.

-Allison Walter

Images courtesy of Spring, Urban Outfitters, Love Culture, and Asos.

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