Box Braids: The (College) Black Hair Revolution

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Box Braids: The (College) Black Hair Revolution

Keri Box braids

Shepherd Drop Cap 1ou’ve seen them on your favorite celebrities; from Keri Hilson to Tia Mowry.  Even Beyoncé rocked box braids in her iconic “Formation” video.  So you know now it’s officially time for you to try them — it’s time for your hair to get in formation.

To be clear, boxed braids aren’t new.  But, they are in the midst of a huge resurgence.  While similar to individuals (3 strand braids), box braids are sometimes done as four strand braid pattern that leads to a slightly different—and super cute—finish to the braid.  Also their thick, yet not huge, nature adds an extra layer of volume to your standard braids.  Their unique versatility and low-maintenance makes them the perfect hair style for the busy college student.


My favorite thing about box braids is no two are ever the same; they can be modified and adapted to any personal style, from braiding in a light brown or blonde, to your favorite color for extra flair.  Box braids can be easily converted to a classy half up half down for a night out, a standard bun before an interview, or even space buns to maintain your unique personality.

Box braids are also a great protective or transitioning style that lets you rock some length without breaking the bank.  Braids are key when transitioning from a perm or texturizer (or even growing out a dye job) as they retain hair growth by limiting the amount of damage you can inflict during your grow out period.  Braids do require their own maintenance, make sure to still moisturize your hair and scalp as you would without braids in.  On average they last 6 weeks but if well maintained—yes that night bonnet is a must—they can make it much longer.

If you still feel you need convincing, The Huffington Post compiled 20 different box braid styles that are sure to make you run and hop into the braider’s chair.

-Arica Shepherd

Images courtesy of: NoteyStyleblazer, and Huffington Post

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