Springtime Blues

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Springtime Blues

As a guy, I’m always very confused about what to wear in the Spring. The last vestiges of winter are beginning to dissipate and every time I step outside in the winter jacket that I held onto so dearly to during the harsh cold months, I can’t help but sweat. Then again, when I step outside in a just a shirt (or even a shirt with a sweater) at night, I want to step back inside immediately because I’m so cold. It seems like you can’t win.

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably considered just holing up for a few months and waiting for calmer, simpler Summer to come from the confines of your warm (and temperature-controlled) room. Well, at Penn that’s not really an option — from class to social lives, there’s always something to get done. Fortunately, after some thought, I’ve compiled a list of essentials for guys trying to get through this difficult time.

1. Thick pants. This isn’t really anything new. As far as I’m concerned, just keep doing what you were doing during the winter. I know that it’s warmer, and when it hits sixty degrees you want to break out your new shorts, but please, resist the urge. Should you compromise, and put on some light chinos? Still a bad idea. The fact of the matter is that there’s not too much to gain and a whole lot to lose from a poor choice of bottoms. Just stick to the basics.


Thick woolen pants from J.Crew.

2. Don’t be afraid to bring t-shirts into the mix with heavier clothing. I know that after the winter months we’re all used to bundling up and layering, but it just wont work this time of year. Even if you go with long-sleeve button downs, it can still get pretty toasty with a winter jacket. So I say shed the layers. Have faith in your winter coat, wear something light.

Shackets (Shirt Jackets) are always useful.

3. The opposite is true too — have confidence in the insulation of your heavier shirts. Honestly, will you end up a little chilly sometimes? Yes. But the vast majority of the time you decide to wear a heavier shirt, you’ll be just fine, and it provides an opportunity to try out different combinations before the summer.

4. Go back to fall footwear. You remember when you were super excited to go out into the fall foliage with your boots and flannel? Well, it’s not nearly as pretty out and the weather’s a little more dreary, but no one is going to judge you for bringing your prudent fall shoes back, and one of the reasons you were so excited in the fall was because they looked good – and they still look good now. Alternatively, take this opportunity to wear the beat up shoes you love or those shoes that look like they could use a little scuffing. No better time than now.

5. Stick to the hats. Let’s be real — you look stupid wearing beanies in the summer. But, in the same vein, they’re also comfy as hell and make your ears feel awesome. You have all of about three weeks before you look like a poser, so go for it. Love your ears.

Beanies: always a good call.


– Jacob Barnes

Images Courtesy of Stylish Wife, J. Crew, Marine Layer and Surfdom.us.


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