Riley Versa: The WALK Feature Preview (Exclusive)

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Riley Versa: The WALK Feature Preview (Exclusive)

Check out The WALK Web’s exclusive preview from The WALK Magazine’s print feature on Riley Versa! Be sure to snag a copy of our Spring issue, out on Tuesday April 26th, and stop by our Launch Party


We know you’ve been there: you’re on vacation, just made it under the 50-pound luggage weight limit (who knew two dozen bikinis could really add up?) and still can’t seem to put together the perfect outfit. You pout, shrug and settle for those nude strappy sandals over your other pair of nude, slightly chunkier sandals. Melissa Urfirer’s been there too, except when her vacation ended, she founded Riley Versa, a unique handbag line with interchangeable covers for the everyday #GirlBoss who knows time is money but wouldn’t dream of sacrificing style to eradicate this dilemma.  And, let’s face it, all you brought back with you was a bad sunburn and a tacky shot glass.

We can’t all be CEOs of a trendy, cutting edge handbag line, but Melissa assures that the status can be attained with a Riley Versa bag by your side. The company “allows professional women to do it all. You can stay late at work and not have to go home and change if you’re meeting up with friends or going on a date. All you have to do is slip a new cover on the bag and you’re ready to go.”

The WALK spoke with Melissa and got the deets on everything from her experience attending Penn to social media to her personal and professional goals.

-Seena Paul

Read more in our Spring 2016 issue

Media courtesy of: Lea Kichler, Riley Versa

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