It’s a Fling Thing: Festival Fashion

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It’s a Fling Thing: Festival Fashion

flingcrowdPenn students’ favorite holiday has once again come and gone, and just like any good concert or festival, Penn’s Spring Fling has distinct fashion trends that follow it from year to year. While Coachella has its flower crowns, Spring Fling has its witty tanks, and so much more. Some Fling veterans gave some introspect and advice about their Fling experiences.


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“I have been to fling before!” said sophomore Liz Heit. “I went last year when Kesha performed.” Junior Hannah Noyes added, “I went once while in high school, and then again my college freshman and sophomore years to see David Guetta and then Kygo and Kesha as well.” When taking on a feat as immense as Spring Fling, it’s important to have some prior concert experience. “Concerts and music festivals are one of my splurge goods when I really like the artist,” said sophomore Alicia Lu. “There’s something about live music and vibing in that environment that makes it so worth it. My favorites recently were Porter Robinson and the Black Keys.”

The venue and artist playing have a huge impact on concertgoers’ attire. “What I wear typically depends on the venue, the weather, and the band,” said Liz. “If I’m seeing Florence & The Machine at the Mann in the summer, I’m wearing ‘typical’ festival gear — a crochet top and high-waisted shorts, perhaps a flower crown. If I’m seeing The 1975 at the Fillmore in December, I’m wearing jeans and a sheer blouse with black heeled booties.”  Some, however, are more consistent with their style, and stick to a signature look for every musical occasion. “For concerts, typically skinny jeans and a crop top,” said freshman Jillian Li,  “and I’ll bring along a leather jacket if it’s chilly.” Hannah added,“ I wear as little clothing as possible for music festivals, usually a bra or leotard!”


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However, Fling isn’t your typical festival or concert. It has a unique style all it’s own.  “I’d say the biggest difference is the fling tank” said Alicia, “so styling around one piece in some ways makes it a lot easier to dress yourself. Last year I wore a colorful patterned baseball cap a lot — got a lot of compliments on that one — distressed high-waisted denim jeans, fling tank, and my Vans I don’t mind getting dirty.” Liz agreed, adding “To fling I wore my SDT fling tank top which I definitely wouldn’t wear to any other concert.” It can be hard to stand out in the fling crowd, however, among all the fling tanks and cutoff shorts. “I might spruce it up with some flash tats which I did last year” said Liz.


Of course, just like for any good concert or festival, there are some key items necessary for survival at fling that come stronglyrecommended by your resident fling vets. “Sunglasses are a huge essential to me,” said Alicia, adding, “Fanny packs aren’t really my style, but I totally advocate for them at fling. To spruce it up, just add one item that is a little out of the ordinary like a unique short or a cool accessory. Something that pops and makes your outfit a little different from others and makes them remember it. Fling outfits are pretty basic so this one item actually makes all the difference, I think.”

– Chrissy Walker

 Images courtesy of Wharton Undergrad, Under the Button, Urban Outfitters, and Nordstrom

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