How To: Prepare For Spring Fling

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How To: Prepare For Spring Fling

As you all well know, Fling is this weekend. If you didn’t know, well, at this point I don’t really know what to tell you. For those new to Fling, (looking at you, freshmen), it is more than just another weekend on campus. Fling is so spring-tastic that it is celebrated throughout the week, and in order to survive the week’s festivities and make it to the weekend, there are necessary steps that need to be taken in order to properly prepare.

Step 1: Prepare to Hydrate

Remember when you took P.E. and you had those specific days where you would run the mile? Or remember when you had a big game back in your good ole’ athletic days where your coach would harass you about the importance of hydration? Well, the mile is here, and so is the big game. This week, in fact, is the Olympics. Load up on water and Gatorade this week on top of the other liquids you will consume so that you won’t end up having to tap out of the game after Thursday.


P.S. – Extra Fling points to those that drink their water out of boxes. Bottles are ugly and mainstream.

Step 2: Prepare to Strut

Whether its that new romper you just bought, that skirt that brings all the boys (and girls, of course) to the yard, or my personal favorite … your handy dandy fanny pack, this week is your opportunity to show what ya got. Pull out all the stops and strut into every overly priced downtown because this is your week and your fling.


Step 3: Prepare to Get Too Lit

This step is the most important, as it is also the most serious. As the festivities get lit and your squad gets even litter (yes, I realize that that failed to meet elementary level grammar standards), you need to make sure that you are truly rolling (no pun intended) with your real squad. Make sure to take care of yourself and others, especially if it looks like the score is 10 points for Fling and -8 for them. Remember to pace yourselves, observe your boundaries, and look out for others! On that note, may the Fling Gods protect you and your squad.


P.S. – In case Amy Gutmann herself didn’t enter this number into your phone during NSO, the number for MERT (Penn’s Student run Medical Emergency Response Team) is (215) 573-3333. Have fun!

-Camillia Nwokedi

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