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usic and fashion go hand in hand. Both are examples of the highest forms of self expression, of giving the world around you a glimpse into the inner workings of what makes you, well, you. I am a huge hip-hop fan. I’ve seen concerts for artists like  Chance the Rapper, Childish Gambino, J. Cole, Drake – you name it, I’ve seen it. One of the things that draws me to hip-hop as a genre is the influence it has over musicians’ sense of personal style. In recent months, street style has reached its golden age. A type of personal fashion that used to be reserved for only the most urban and trendy corners of Brooklyn and Los Angeles is now being brought to light and presented to the masses with a great deal of help from influencers like Kanye West, Drake, and even more recently, Beyoncé.


Drake has a more subtle sense of style – understated and simple, almost minimalist. Since his clothing line OVO (October’s Very Own) was conceived in 2011, Drake has stuck to his simplistic but incredibly personal style. The line has a sort of athletic aesthetic, a common theme in street style and hip-hop influenced fashion. Drake’s line features staples like caps, letterman jackets, and sweatshirts, but with an edgy twist. His take on the classic snapback is an excellent example of how he keeps things fresh. Here, he makes a cap entirely from fleece, adding texture and style to the rather basic silhouette, and finishes things off with his classic OVO owl signature.


Drake’s influence over the world of fashion isn’t limited to his own designs, however. His music has inspired many other artists and designers to make works of their own based off of things like his album art and lyrics. Last year I myself purchased this 1-800-HOTLINEBLING hat from an online designer, European Bastard, long before Drake’s line even had their version up on their site.


Drake’s not the only hip-hop musician who can design killer clothes, however. The notorious Kanye West has made fashion more and more a part of his personal brand in the past few years. From his association with the infamous Kardashians to the debut of his first runway collection in Paris in 2011, in recent years Kanye has become synonymous with fashion. His work with Adidas was most definitely noticed by the masses, and gave street style a more high-fashion edge. His Yeezy Boost 350 sneakers are some of the most highly sought after footwear on the streets right now, and some of the most difficult to get your hands on.

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 311C388600000578-3443435-Fashionistas_From_left_Kanye_s_family_Kris_Jenner_Khloe_Kardashi-a-119_1455241972202At the unveiling of his most recent fashion collection, Yeezy Season 3, West’s in-laws collabed with the incredible Olivier Rousteing, the creative director of Balmain to give his line a feel of the upmost luxe. This custom designer combo is an excellent of example of how Kanye brings the worlds of hip-hop and high fashion together into one, cohesive work.



Most recently, however, Queen Bey herself has decided to bless us all with a clothing line of her own. Being known for not only her crazy impressive vocal skills, but also her amazing fashion sense , we can all only begin to imagine just what a gift this clothing line will be. Beyoncé unveiled her label on March 31, 2016, with the promise of the line going live April 14.


She endowed the line with the name “Ivy Park”, presumably inspired by Beyoncé and Jay’s young daughter Blue Ivy. Ivy Park is again influenced by the athletic aesthetic we see so frequently in hip-hop related and inspired style. Beyoncé gives this active wear line an urban edge by intertwining it with the street style trends we’ve been seeing all over as of late – boldly printed phrases across the different pieces of apparel, paired with clean lines and sharp shapes.

It’s amazing to see how different mediums of art can come together and create even more magical experiences for their audiences. To me, music and fashion belong together. Nothing makes me happier than seeing them work beautifully in perfect harmony. What are some of your favorite fashion influences? Do you look to architects, or maybe painters? Whatever the medium, it’s amazing to combine different forms of art to create something even greater. Keeping looking for fashion inspirations in the world around you – the inspiration you find might surprise you.

-Chrissy Walker

Images courtesy of OVO, GQ, Adidas, Refinery 29, and Vogue 

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