We’re All Ear(ring)s

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We’re All Ear(ring)s







It’s time to let your ears do the talking.

This season, bigger is better when it comes to aural baubles. Don’t let the fear of being obnoxious keep you out of the game – is being over-the-top really such a bad thing?

The greatest part about this trend is that it is doable by anyone; no matter your taste or preference, you can surely find a standout earring that strikes your fancy. So don’t be shy: pull back your hair and let those earlobes shine!

The easiest way to style statement earrings is with simple, casual outfits – think jeans and a neutral sweater – but no one’s keeping you from going all-out eccentric! If your goal is for the earrings to be the centerpiece of your ensemble, keep the rest of your look simple. But if you want the entire outfit to make a statement, feel free to rock tassel earrings with those brocade pants you’ve never worn. Grandma’s couch could never look better.

  1. For the flower child: Baublebar, $38
  2. For the orange lipstick type: J.Crew, $98
  3. For the Bohemian: Vanessa Mooney, $6 (!!!)
  4. For the art student: Etsy, $34

Bowman Cooper

Images courtesy of: J.Crew, Baublebar, Vanessa Mooney, Etsy, Nastygal, Pinterest, Hairstyle9, Blowpro 

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