The Morning After

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The Morning After


Maybe you’ve been there, or maybe you haven’t. For those of you who have, you may in fact be all too familiar with the Morning After experience. While Beyoncé undoubtedly wakes up as the flawless goddess that she in fact is, this unfortunately is not the case for mere mortals such as us. If you do happen to find yourself waking up in the bedroom of last night’s significant other, the trick is not to panic. Instead, here are a few steps that you can take that will have your partner believing that you wake up just like Beyoncé…


1. New day, new you?

While this could be a healthy mentality to start the day off with, it might not apply to this very situation. Instead, it might be a better idea for your partner to recognize the same you they got to know the night before. Start by splashing some cold water on your face to wake you up and to remove any leftover sleep or puffiness from your face. In the likelihood that you are lacking a makeup kit, it is important to take care of cleaning up any leftover and smudged makeup.


2. Morning breath /ˈmôrniNG- brēT͟H/ (noun): A condition that is not ideal in any sense of the term.

Get rid of it! If you can’t locate any mouthwash to borrow, swish some toothpaste around in your mouth. It hardly has the same effect as your awesome toothbrush at home, but hey, you have to work with what you have!


3. Tame the mane.

Good ole’ fashioned finger combing may be your only option but your greatest weapon. If you cant manage to salvage your curls from last night this way, simply pull your hair up into a messy ponytail or topknot!


4. Be Beyoncé.

The last and final step is to emerge from the bathroom looking as stunning as the night before!

If all else fails, just keep in mind that it is the morning and that you are human. Considering what may or may not have transpired last night, you should feel comfortable in the presence of your partner in whatever state!

Maybe you’ve been there, maybe you are currently there, or maybe you have not. In case you do find yourself there, and need a little extra help freshening up, try out these tricks!

-Camillia Nwokedi

Images courtesy of Kaleb Germinaro


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