Lighten Up!

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Lighten Up!

Everywhere I look every one is dressed in dark monochromes. I honestly cannot remember the time I listened to a rap song and haven’t heard a reference to being dressed in all black. Don’t get me wrong, I get the appeal: you can dress it up or down, it’s not hard to match — and, yes, it’s slimming, all while invoking the sleek doo-wop’ers of the 50s.

G-Eazy isn’t a style icon, but you get the point.


But real spring and summer are around the corner, and, I swear, if I go another summer walking around seeing everyone dressed in black, I’m going to lose it.

I get it — you’re sleek and cool in your all-black outfits — but lighten up! It’s (almost) summer! I fear that people forget that, at the end of the day, black (and other dark monochromes for that matter) are not fun. Summer doesn’t last forever, and what better time you have fun with what you’re wearing when it’s sunny and warm and everyone’s happy?


Bowie certainly had a colorful look

Bowie certainly had a colorful look

I truly believe that during the summer you get a free pass — who’s going to comment on you looking like Ziggy Stardust when it’s 70 and sunny? So use it! Try some crazy combos because it if you don’t do it during the summer, you won’t do it ever.

Forgetting the fact that it’s just kind of boring, wearing all black is also super impractical. Summer is hot; that’s the point. Your black? It’s making you hotter, but probably not in the way you want it to.

I’m not always the first person to advocate for practicality in my clothing choices (I won’t lie, the pockets in cargo shorts are very useful), but if you don’t stand to lose anything, why wouldn’t you be practical?

So yes, I know it’s hard, but save your black for a rainy day — it’s about to be summer, and you should look like it.

-Jacob Barnes 

Images courtesy of: Hip Hop Early and Pinterest 

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