Is Your Stressed Out Lifestyle Giving You Bad Skin?

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Is Your Stressed Out Lifestyle Giving You Bad Skin?

Feeling stressed? In the midst of midterm season, the midnight runs to Wawa and the sleepless nights can really take a toll on one’s skin. If you’re having trouble finding a natural, simple remedy to replace the overused and seemingly overrated acne products, then here are a few tips:

Witch Hazel

Witch Hazel can be used as a toner, applied after washing your face and before moisturizing it. It is a natural astringent which makes it excellent at removing excess oil from skin and it also helps shrink down pores and calm blemishes.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil is a universal product, a popular use of which is for the skin. It can help destroy the bacteria that can cause acne to flare up. Droplets can be added to your daily moisturizer or you can use a steamer to make sure that the essential oil is absorbed by your skin.

Noxzema cleansing cream

Noxzema cleansing cream is a relatively cheap way to get clean, smooth skin. An underrated product, it gives the results that you’re looking for. Applied after moisturizing one’s face, it’s used to even out skin, calm blemishes, and heal dry skin.

Asian Face masks 

Korean face masks have been relatively unknown by the general population until recently and have now gained increasing popularity. Korean face masks are a cheap and fun alternative to using daily moisturizers. They also serve as stress relievers, which is perfect for a quick break from studying.

-Jacqueline Uy

Image courtesy of: Sephora

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