Gift Guide: For the Homesick

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Gift Guide: For the Homesick

These gifts are sure to bring your homesick friendls plenty of comfort and joy – plus, it’s an easy way to determine what to buy for whom.


earmuffsParis – Maison Michel earmuffs ($563) or Papelaria x Colette Bloc-note ($5)

Nothing will make a Parisian feel more at home than warmth and the colors grey (like Paris’ sky 360 days of the year) or (patriotic) blue. Maison Michel is a reference for all Parisian heads, and the softness of these earmuffs will delight your homesick friend. Rather than splurging on these you could also get the Papelaria bloc-notes that come in a electrifying blue and a Eiffel tower cutout – cliché, but in a cool way.


Istanbul – West Elm ‘Ashik’ Pillow ($69)

Take a quick trip to Philly’s West Elm and come back with a pillow that will make your friend’s room feel like home, thanks to its Turkey-inspired pattern. This will be a well-welcomed gift, as no room is too cozy in the winter.


London – Civissum ‘Londoner’ beanie ($27)

If you know a proud Londoner, get this beanie so that he or she can make a statement walking down Locust walk with the word “Londoner” clearly inscribed on the front. Plus, it’s black, so your friend will have no excuse to not wear it every day.



Los Angeles – Maptote zip pocket ($21)

Your Californian friend won’t feel too far from home as she/ he stashes pens, credit cards, and keys in this versatile and fun zip pocket.


Sao Paulo – Uslu Airlines ‘VCP’ lipstick ($25)

VCP is Sao Paulo’s airport code, with this vibrant pink, it’s no wonder the lipstick was named after it. Your Sao Paulo native won’t be feeling down with this poppy color that makes her feel right at home.


-Marianne Demarolle

Images courtesy of Colette and West Elm

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