Brighten Up Rainy Days

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Brighten Up Rainy Days




Spring/ summer 2016 fashion week was ideally situated during the months where rainfall is at its worst – ideally because this gives us plenty of ideas of how to look fashionable while rushing up and down Locust walk, even on days when it feels like a non-stop hurricane has taken over campus.





An umbrella can break your outfit, but can rarely make it. In remedy to this issue, a lot of see-through bubble umbrellas popped open on the streets of London and Milan during fashion week. These allow you to wear whatever color(s) you want, while not detracting from your look. I especially enjoy how these umbrellas can add an airy feel to an outfit, when paired with pastels – especially powder pink or baby blue. Overall, this umbrella is a no-brainer that you will be able to wear from your 8AM class to a date night (not to mention that it’s a red carpet favorite).

The only thing that could hold you back is the fact that you have to hold the umbrella – but, once again, fashion week attendees come to our rescue by revamping what you most probably saw your grandmother wear at least once: the rain bonnet. Surprising, I know, but think of one covered in daisies and paired with a Dior coat – suddenly, it doesn’t sound lame anymore. Just be careful to not wear it on your “pajamas” day, though, since it might make you look homeless.


New York

No rainy day outfit would be complete without a raincoat, and a fashion week street style favorite seems to be baby blue. A transparent version in that shade will make you look modern as well as elegant. Wearing pastels on a rainy day is an excellent idea, as most people around you will be matching the sky’s grey clouds.

Now there will at least be one thing to look forward to on a rainy day – and if you’re looking for a bubble umbrella, there are some right on campus, at American Apparel, for $24.

-Marianne Demarolle

Images courtesy of Vogue

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