Kim Kardashian’s Pregnancy Look

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Kim Kardashian’s Pregnancy Look

Kim's Pregnancy Look

Kim’s Pregnancy Look

Kim Kardashian West is not known for being subtle. Whether it’s her personality, clothing, or personal life, she is someone who is known for being over the top. Since her relationship with Kanye West, this extravagance has somewhat changed. Gone are the days of smokey eyes and overdone bronzer, replaced by contouring, strobing, and nude gloss. This new Kim Kardashian has become a style icon in both the fashion and beauty worlds. If anything Kim’s new psuedo-minimalist look has been at its best with her most recent pregnancy.

When Kim is pregnant, she likes to go for an especially natural look. She loves a good winged eyeliner and nude lip. Unlike her first pregnancy, Kim has accepted her changing body and emphasizes her growing bump with tight dresses. To balance this out, she keeps everything else simple, such as a pulled back ponytail, and a natural eye. But what is especially amazing about Kim’s pregnancy makeup is her contouring. Such defined cheekbones! Kim Kardashian will never stop being her glamorous self, and that’s why we love (or love to hate) her.

 Caroline Levy

Images Courtesy of: Instagram and Zimbio

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