This Halloween: You’re the Treat

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This Halloween: You’re the Treat

No Boundaries CatsuitSugar N' Spice TutuVinyl Vixen Pleated Skirt

It’s that time of year again, when the breeze cools, everything is pumpkin flavored and you spend a few minutes each morning debating whether or not it’s socially acceptable to wear your Canada Goose to class.  The air in the Quad is plagued with the Freshman flu (mono) and Locust is traversed by boys in shorts, either oblivious to the season change or too fratty to care.  As the days pass and their knees develop hypothermia, Halloween creeps its way into CVS aisles and the back of our minds.

Like an unconcerning food inspection report of 1920 Commons or a partygoer who’s psyched for shots of Bankers, the perfect costume that’s appropriate yet sexy and creative but not too outlandish is a rare find. While it seems there’s no hope for bad vodka, Penn Dining assures us the roach problem is gone and the perfect costume for each of you BBs is out there waiting to be partied in and spilled on.

Those dark n’ deadly or dreamily divine costumes that are drooled over via Facebook stalking the day after Halloween boosin’ are always a mix of clothing basics paired with themed accessories.  It’s cheaper, easier and you’ll look way more breezy and carefree in a skirt, bodysuit and angel wings than an elaborate premade costume from a superstore.  Pick up a pair of bone shaped hair clips, an oversized tee to cut into a jagged edged mini dress and show off those legs as a prehistoric princess or throw on a pleated skirt and drip faux blood onto some sheer thigh highs to channel your inner zombified school girl! Whether you babes decide to drop jaws in a catsuit as a vicious vixen or shimmer in a metallic crop top as The Little Mer-bae, be sure to rock your personal style this Halloween!

-Seena Paul

Images Courtesy Of: Dolls Kill 

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