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Put A Lid On It

With the recent advent of the sporty-chic trend, style gurus and fashionistas across the globe having been searching for a way to cop this style. The key to executing this trend without looking like you’re constantly on your way to the gym is to add personality and edge. Baseball caps have been athletic staples for around a hundred years, so whose to say they can’t cross over into fashion? Sporty hats can add just enough of this athletic trend to any outfit without going overboard. It seems designers have been picking up on this as well because edgy lids have been everywhere as of late.



First up lets try to add some comfort. Nothing feels more comfy than wool, right? Covering this simple cap with a layer of fuzzy, blue, ­felt takes any look up ten notches. This is a pretty simple way to experiment with trendy baseball caps if you’re just venturing out into the world of decorative lids. (Zara $17.90)




Looking to try something with even more flare? Check out this hat with a faux leather base and a cool velvet brim. This sharp hat commands attention in a very understated way. The dark tones radiate class while the varying textures add urban flare and a R&B vibe. (Urban Outfitters $32)




Now if you’re really looking to spice up an outfit, try pulling out this wildcard hat. This topper takes things to texture extremes with its ultra furry body and leather brim. The lid just oozes coziness; it’s a perfect finishing touch for any fall or winter look. Step up your game on two trends this fall – faux fur and sporty chic! (Rag & Bone $175)



If you’re looking to step up your lid game, don’t be afraid to try out this trend! I can’t wait so see everyone’s takes on athletic aesthetic  this fall.

-Chrissy Walker

Images courtesy of  Zara, Urban Outfitters, and Rag & Bone


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