Top Five Ways to Boost Your Metabolism

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Top Five Ways to Boost Your Metabolism

When people look to lose weight, they often turn to crash diets, weird “cleansing” cycles, and crazy workout regimes. While these purges may make you look good for a day or two, that feeling of invincibility won’t last very long. When it comes to losing weight and staying healthy, the most successful way to make a lifestyle change is through boosting your metabolism.

Your metabolism converts the calories you consume into the energy you burn. When you put off eating, your metabolism slows, so that the next time you eat, your body receives energy and nutrients much slower than it would had you simply eaten when you were hungry.

Weight gain comes primarily from consuming more calories than your metabolism can process. So, if you desperately want that potato chip-laden cheeseburger at BBP, or the Tartufo pizza from Tap House, you simply need to make sure your metabolism is ready and able to process more calories by compensating for the extra ones you consume.

There are numerous ways to boost your metabolism, but I’ll stick with the five below:


1. One of the best ways to boost your metabolism is by building muscle. While the elliptical and treadmill are great for stamina and increasing heart health, toning muscles in other parts of your body are also important. Once you build muscle, your metabolism is constantly feeding it calories, even when you’re inactive. So, the more muscle you have, the more calories you burn, regardless of whether you’re constantly active.

2. Drinking water is key to boosting your metabolism, because your body uses water to process the calories you consume. Relatively speaking, the more water you drink, the more calories you burn. Carrying a water bottle around constantly is great—and now Huntsman Hall even has an automatic “water-bottle filler” on the first floor that’s definitely worth using.

3. However, water is not the only thing that is helpful to drink when you want to give your metabolism a little kick in the pants. Natural forms of caffeine—particularly green tea—are, in moderation, an easy way to increase your metabolic rate.  Capogiro, Starbucks, Saxby’s, William’s Café, and even the Penn Bookstore all boast wide-ranging selections.

4. Another interesting way you can boost your metabolism is by adding a little spice to your life, literally. Feel free to ask for the extra hot salsa at Chipotle, add the hot sauce to your order at Magic Carpet, or perhaps drizzle some Sriracha over scrambled eggs, because these intense flavors keep your metabolism pumping long after you’ve finished eating.

5. Finally, my personal favorite: feel free to eat whenever you want. Your metabolism works best when it’s constantly working, and starving is only going to undo any progress you’ve made. The trick is that when you’re looking for something to munch on, go for the healthy choices. The food market under Commons actually has great options, ranging from freeze-dried fruits to baked falafel chips. The less you load your metabolism with unnecessary calories, the better it will work.

-Jordan Hillier

Images Courtesy of Fox News and Exercise and Eat.

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