To Save or to Splurge?

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To Save or to Splurge?

As nearly broke college kids, spending that little bit of extra cash you have is a big deal. With spring break upon us, we’re often faced with multiple treks to shopping malls and our innate desire to turn over our entire closet in preparation for the new season. For those that have resisted so far, you’re in luck. We’re here to give you a bit of direction on how to get the most bang for your buck. We give you the spend vs. splurge guide to help you handle your last green bills accordingly.


1. Trends. If the piece you’re crushing on is just “in” at the moment, it may, unfortunately, have an end in sight. Think “will I still want to wear these harem pants in a month?” Instead of following the crowd and becoming a redundant fashion cliché, save your cash. By the time the trendy item comes back in style, you’ll be tired of it. Instead, buy your trendy items cheap, so you don’t feel too guilty when you retire it from your closet in a few months.

CoverGirl LashBlast Mascara, $8.79, CVS.

2. Mascara. While many experts boast high end brands as better than their drugstore counterparts, mascara is one exception. There’s hardly a difference in quality. Opt for cheaper mascaras like Maybelline Colossal, which comes at a low cost of $5.94.

3. T-shirts, camis, beaders, etc. Forever 21 has camis for $2.80, and H&M has $5.95 tees. By saving on basic essentials, you can splurge on that other gorgeous find, like an awesome statement jacket or fierce vest.

Peach Stretch Bracelet, $3.90, Body Central.

4. Jewelry. Costume jewelry will often be on sale at department stores, so unless you’re looking for something really special that will last you a lifetime (i.e., sterling silver, gold, platinum, diamonds), go faux. It’s just not worth it to drop a ton of cash on a huge statement necklace when you can find an equally killer piece for a much lower price.

 iPhone Case, $2.92,

5. Phone cases. Awesome iPhone cases can be bought for less than $2 on Amazon. Just scope out free shipping rewards and different sellers to ensure that you’re getting what you think you ordered.



ALL STAPLES! No, not t-shirts, camis, beaters, etc. (See “SAVE ON”). Clothing staples, meaning pieces that transcend seasons and/or can be worn year-round. If you wear it enough and want it to last, it’s worth the extra money. This overhanging category includes such pieces as:

1. Fitted Blazer. The quintessential jacket of class. This piece increases the professionalism of nearly any outfit by adding a preppy outer layer– think Gossip Girl.

Morgan Low-rise Skinny Jeans, $46.50, Delia*s.

2. Jeans. As the country song Chicken Fried goes, “A pair of jeans that fit just right” really can do the trick. Find a pair that flatters you but has a bit of wiggle room (ones that don’t look painted onto your body). This way, they can weather the weather (literally), last multiple washes, and be worn throughout most seasons.

Peplum Seamed Jacket, $98, Express.

3. Professional suit. We all know the importance of attaining summer internships especially the interview process. Having a beautiful suit will go a long way, and could leave a crucial impression with a prospective employer – one of class and elegance. With the right suit, you’ll feel like the pristinely-dressed Ivanka Trump (always a plus). Check out Ann Taylor and Ann Taylor LOFT for versatile mix and match options.

Nine West Boots, $139.99, Macy’s.

4. Leather boots. Riding boots are obviously a college staple. If you plan on wearing them often throughout fall and winter, it’s worth spending the extra cash for a quality pair that will last in all kinds of weather.

Instant Radiance Foundation, $22, Sephora.

5. Foundation. Attempting drugstore trial and error to find your best shade could get expensive. Instead, have a consultation done and find your perfect brand and shade to best compliment your face. No masks, streaks, or wrong color allowed. Any department store in town would have higher end make-up counters staffed with consultants to help.

6. Bras. There is no article of clothing more important in fit than your bra. Victoria’s Secret bras, while erring on the expensive side, are sure to last you a lifetime. Take the time to get fitted and find a great match. Wearing the right bra is one of the easiest – but most essential – ways to feel superb about your body upon getting dressed in the morning.

Saving Benjamin’s and getting the most for your money is smart and savvy, and allows you to maximize your buying capacity. Have other tips to share? Leave a comment below! Happy shopping.

-Erica Ligenza

Images courtesy of CVS, Body Central, Wet Seal, Amazon, Express, Delia*s, Macy’s, and Sephora.

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