Life Lessons from Lena Dunham


Life Lessons from Lena Dunham


Lena Dunham is our generation’s revolutionary. As the director, writer, and main character of the controversial but much-loved HBO TV show Girls, she explores romance, nudity, and sexuality with no boundaries. Her sarcasm and wit have earned her an overwhelming fan base, especially on Penn’s campus. But when you’re busy tuning in on Sunday nights, you probably overlooked important words of wisdom from the queen of satire herself. Fear not – since we’ve collected the top five life lessons learned from Lena Dunham:

322-COVER_LENA_DUNHAM_TODD_COLE1-11. Wear what you want, when you want to wear it.

On the show Girls, Lena’s character Hannah is not educated in fashion, preferring vintage over all else. She’s worn rainbow striped shirts with mustard-yellow cardigans to job interviews, and plaid shirts tucked into tan skirts with a thick purple belt just because. But the style award goes to her outfit on the second episode of Season 2, when Hannah donned a yellow mesh tank top sans bra. And although she was doing drugs in a night club, talk about brave. If she can wear that, you can pull off anything.

2. No shame – Embrace your body.

When radio show host Howard Stern called Lena a “little fat chick,” America responded with outrage. A few weeks later, the Girls creator graciously accepted Stern’s apology as he gushed that he is “in love with you and your character.” Lena may not be a size 4, but she’s independent and doesn’t let her weight or waist side deter her.  Given the number of nude scenes she has performed in, her body has conjured talks among shocked viewers. However, one thing is sure: Lena’s proud of herself and that’s all that matters.

3. If it doesn’t work, make it work for you.

Writer, actress, director, artist, intellectual: Lena sure has a lot of titles. Regarding her multi-labeled position, she said, “I think I’ve sort of made it all into one giant job where all the parts feed one another.” And while her counterpart Hannah struggles to find work in the writing industry, Lena  scored a $3.6 million book deal with Random House publications for her first novel, tentatively titled “Not That Kind of Girl: Advice by Lena Dunham.” Talk about a success.

lena_dunham_v_magazine4. Tweet it.

Diaries and journals are so 2005. These days, if something’s on your mind, you tweet it. Such is the case for Lena, who relies on Twitter “to read how fans of the show are responding.” But Lena keeps her fans entertained with daily quips of her mind. Our favorites? “Urgent: when my sister was three she thought that Brad Pitt’s name was Pitt Bradley” and “With the exception of sex, all situations are made better by the presence of an 8 year old.”

5. Prove your critics wrong.

While Girls grew a quick fan base (464,928 likes on Facebook and counting), the show also rallied harsh criticism. Nepotism, nude sex scenes, the feminist dialogue on the show made viewers uncomfortable and reviewers even crueler.  Lena’s solution? “I have a real shut-up-and-sing response to a lot of the criticism of the show.” And if that fails, refer to Life Lesson #4 and tweet it.

What do you think of Girls and Lena Dunham? What has she taught you? Share with us in the comments!

-Alicia Chon

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