Spring’s Hottest Men’s Trend: Print Blazers

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Spring’s Hottest Men’s Trend: Print Blazers

Home to Wharton’s prestigious business presence, Penn certainly gets its fair share of sharply dressed guys and girls walking around campus. In fact, if you don’t pass by at least two men wearing blazers, dress shirts, and dress pants, you might not even be in University City.

While this formal theme is intrinsic to business, it’s time to take a different approach to an integral part of the suit: the blazer. It would be a breath of fresh air to see more print blazers around campus. Whether it be skinny fit or regular fit, any kind of print blazer would be an eye-catching addition to have with Spring right around the corner.


blazer 3

Navy Printed Floral Blazer,$220 at Topman.com.

Florals are mostly associated with feminine style but that shouldn’t stop anyone from donning this blazer. Made in a skinny fit, this cotton blazer would sit well with a solid color shirt and your choice of black bottoms. Although this blazer will not appeal to everyone’s taste, it will certainly turn heads on Locust Walk and help you ring in the arrival of Spring!

Blazer 1

Navy Batik Skinny Blazer, $220 at Topman.com.

A bit more low-key than a floral blazer, this batik cotton blazer could be paired with more formal items or can be used to help accentuate a casual look. Either way, the print certainly is versatile and can serve the needs of many styles.

Blazer 4

River Island Herringbone Blazer, $152 at asos.com.

Finally, this grey herringbone print blazer made by River Island serves as the most formal option. The pattern on this blazer is  elegant and reminiscent of paisley. However, grey goes well with just about anything, so have at it!

– Tzvetomir Gradevski

Images courtesy of Jak and Jill, Topman (1,2), and ASOS.

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