Chic 4 Cheap: Charming, Naturally


Chic 4 Cheap: Charming, Naturally

In a sea of online retailers selling you the same thing and calling it “fashion”, it is refreshing to find original and unique items that set you apart from the crowd.

Etsy, the e-commerce site for handmade and vintage items, has been gaining popularity as fashion moves its focus towards authentic pieces that transcend fleeting trends. Enter Charming, Naturally, an Etsy shop that sells affordable statement necklaces and pendants that are all one-of-a-kind. Instead of the overpriced vintage pieces that other brands offer, Charming, Naturally adds the “charm” of handmade pieces that are great for spicing up any outfit.

charming naturally

From left to right: Vixen Charm Necklace, $17, Fancy Bird Necklace, $18, and Antiqued Flower Pendant with Keys, $17.75.

All items in the shop are under $20 and the product selection is constantly changing.

The owner of the shop, Phaedra, also adds a personal touch with fun item descriptions like, “A simple charm necklace that really kicks butt! This chick is fierce!!” for the Vixen Charm Necklace  and “The gun-metal chain is embellished with an awesome accent piece, that makes it extra special. This necklace is perfect for layering!” for the Green and Silver Cameo Pendant.

If you want to stand out during the upcoming formal season or simply want to add that “third element” to your daily wardrobe, check out Charming, Naturally– you won’t be disappointed. BONUS: Order with your friends! Shipping costs decrease the more items you order! Sounds good to us.

 -Nanette Nunu

Images courtesy of Etsy.

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