Spring Break Suits: Your Key to the “Brazil” Look

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Spring Break Suits: Your Key to the “Brazil” Look

As the February doldrums near an end, and Spring break is just around the corner, I’m sure we’re all scrambling to slip out of hibernation and into those bathing suits that have lain unused for so long. Yet, as I prepare my packing list and begin uncovering my dusty suits, I find myself itching for a new bikini – a new spring break necessity. My big question is: where can I find a suit that won’t be found on every tropical beach this break?


Sonia de Mello, a Brazilian native, moved to the US at age 18 and brought with her beautiful Brazilian bathing suits. In 2006, she founded her bathing suit company So de Mel to update American swimwear style to what she considers is the Brazilian norm. Now, she designs her own line, creating high quality, classically designed suits that are basic albeit flattering for the “average” woman. Her showroom in Santa Barbara houses these “Brazilian bikinis” that can also be found, though not for sale, on her site, So de Mel.

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Mello’s classic designs are based on a fairly simple color palette, ranging from blacks to blues and yellows. 

Ultimately, these suits mark the perfect median between comfort and appeal, offering a nice beachwear alternative to the quintessential Victoria’s Secret ensemble. To see more styles, visit Mello’s website, or email Anne Weiss at anneweiss@sas.upenn.edu to find out more about the So de Mel trunk show, date to be determined.


-Deborah Kotkin

Images courtesy of So de Mel (1,2,3,4).

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