Pledging 101

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Pledging 101

It’s that time of year again.  Studying?  (Ha, joke’s on you if you think I actually own the Math 104 textbook – hate to break it to you, Mom and Dad, but that bill you’re getting isn’t for books…)  Pottruck?  (If getting a free chair massage during demo days counts as working out, then, yeah, I obviously went hard.  Otherwise, no.)  Smokes?  (LOL.  Who are you kidding – I’m gonna be thirty by the time I get in!)  The answer, then?  Two syllables.  Eight letters.  Fifty-something heel-wearing, boy-scaring, made-up girls.  Pledging.  

But, before you pledge your love for your brand new “sistahs,” take the time to make the following pledges to your body:


1.  Enjoy life, even if it means having one too many slices of Allegros or an extra double chocolate chunk cookie from Insomnia.  I will not beat myself up about food.  I deserve to treat myself and be happy.

2.  Wear makeup only when I want to.  I will never use it to hide myself.  I am beautiful with and without it!

3.  Stop comparing myself to women in magazines.  I am proud to be 100% real and airbrush-free!

4.  Respect my body by working up a sweat, feeding it with tons of fruits and veggies, and knowing when it needs a break.

5.  Remind my girlfriends they’re beautiful.  They have their own body issues, just like me.  I promise to always support and be there for them.

6.  Not let my jean size define me.  I am so much more than the number on the tag.  Oh, and my booty looks rockin’ in denim!

7.  Accept the changes my body is going through.  I will celebrate my new curves.  I am woman – hear me roar!

8.   Shush the little voice in my head when it starts to criticize my body.  I’d never let anyone else say these things about me, so I won’t say them, either.  I am my number one fan.

9.  Never blame my body for anything.  If I’m having a bad day, it’s not my body’s fault – we all go through ups and downs!

10.   Love, love, and love some more.  I am the luckiest girl in the world, simply because I’m me!  I love my life and myself for it.

 -Kati Holland

 Images courtesy of  Bows Over Beaus and Healing.

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