Menswear Solutions: Cool Winter Boots

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Menswear Solutions: Cool Winter Boots

Boots occupy a special headspace in Western culture. They connote traditionally masculine images of men at war and at work; the words “trek” and “climb” come to mind. With their famed aesthetic tradition, boots represent the perfect choice to help you brave the winter in age-old style.

The advantage of the boot is that they provide practicality in varying incarnations. Tough combat boots, slick Beatles-era Chelsea numbers, and classic brogues: all are stylish solutions to the dilemma between winter appropriateness and sartorial excellence. Who wants to do a February walk to DRL in summer’s all-too-popular canvas plimsolls? No one. Avoid such fates with the following selection of three boots for winter.

Doc Marten’s 1460 Boot, $129.95 at Nordstrom.

Henry David Thoreau stressed it best in Walden: “Simplicity! Simplicity! Simplicity!” Where boots are concerned, simplicity often makes the boldest statement. This is particularly true of Doc Marten’s classic, storied 1460 Boot. Popular among skinheads and punks in 70s England, the boot quickly became associated with violence and uprising. Putting the past behind, the brand reinvigorated itself, capitalizing on its popularity with hip millennials. The 1460 is the perfect way to recharge your wardrobe with a hint of hard edge. Worn with a peacoat and skinny jeans, the 1460 creates an attractive look for the latter months.

Mid-Calf Boots, $129 at Zara.

The idea of a high boot seems to be somewhat taboo. The highest many men go is the ankle. However, there seems to be no reason for such trepidation. Break the mold with Zara’s mid-calf boot, a perfect repudiation of unsaid rules. Designed in a minimalist style, this Zara boot succeeds on the fashion front in its super sleek look that conjures images of the modern motorcyclist. On the question of pragmatism, the mid-calf style relies on a simple rule of thumb: the higher the boot, the more protection from the cold. Because the shaft isn’t bulky, the boot can be worn over or under jeans to equal success. It’s a modern solution for those looking for an everyday boot that doesn’t sacrifice fashion for utility. 

Chelsea Boots in Leather, $38.70 at ASOS.

Americans have been obsessed with transatlantic allure for ages. Why else would we wake up at 4 AM to watch Kate Middleton marry into royalty? Our taste for British accents is even more evidence to this end. British dressing staples have also found their way into our sartorial dialogue. The resurgence of the Chelsea boot is most notable. Ever since The Beatles invaded the airwaves, it seems that the Chelsea has connoted a slick sense of cool. Perhaps this same coolness makes the indelible Chelsea such a compelling winter look. Derived from Victorian-era riding boots, this style works with almost anything, from a suit to jeans and a tee. Versatility. With political gridlock both here and abroad, that’s a word that we could all get used to.

– Erich Kessel

Images courtesy of JAK & JIL, Nordstrom, Zara, and ASOS.



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