Hidden Gem: Street Food Philly


Hidden Gem: Street Food Philly

So, Magic Carpet and Lyn’s are both great, but sometimes enough is enough. How many magic meatballs or bacon-egg-and-cheeses can you really eat? We need to open our eyes to the hundreds of delicious food trucks within walking distance that remain unknown to many on Penn’s campus. Consider me your guide.

Residing on Drexel’s campus on 33rd and Arch, Street Food Philly is a food truck featuring global handmade specials that will blow your mind. I first discovered the spot at a Food Truck Roundup this past December. Their menu was eclectic, enticing, and certainly not typical food truck fare.

My first experience was with the duck spring rolls. Served alongside a chunky apple dipping sauce, the rolls were fried crisp and irresistible  Their contents were warm and rich–a respite from the cold outside–and they were simply delicious. I was sold.

Delicious duck spring rolls.

This past week I wandered over to Drexel only to be greeted by the truck’s memorable hunter green hue. On this day the menu was boasting international items ranging from a rotisserie chicken burrito to pork pho noodle soup, and I was completely enthralled. My crew went with the Braised Pork Tacos with Apple BBQ Sauce and Apple Kimchi, the Vietnamese Pork Banh Mi Sandwich, a Veggie Panini, and Truffle Parmesan French Fries.

The tacos were succulent and meaty, the pork seemed to have been braised for many hours and had a bold flavor. The homemade apple kimchi on top lent an acidic note that was both needed and enchanting.

Braised Pork Tacos with Apple Kimchi.

The banh mi was also delectable, with springy bites of pickled vegetables and fresh cilantro adding a refreshingly light note. The veggie Panini was packed with squash, chestnut pesto and smoked tofu, making for an interesting palate combination that harked on the winter produce.

One MEAN Bahn Mi.

And then the truffle fries. Truffle fries from a truck? Yes, you read correctly. Bathed lightly in truffle oil and shaved generously with fresh Parmesan, the fries are crispy yet thick, making for a robust and hearty fry. This is NOT food truck fare.

 Because a food truck serving Truffle Fries is never too extravagant…

So here’s to uncovering this hidden gem. Take the walk, bring some gloves, and prepare to eat some incredible food that you won’t believe comes from a truck. Follow them on twitter to stay updated on their location!

-Hungree Girl

Images courtesy of Amanda Shulman.

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