Five Faux Beauty Tricks That Aren’t Faux Pas (Your Secret’s Safe with Us!)

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Five Faux Beauty Tricks That Aren’t Faux Pas (Your Secret’s Safe with Us!)

Bruce Jenner. Courtney Stodden.  Michael Jackson.  What do these three celebs have in common?  They took fake too far (toxic injections, bad plastic surgery, and countless skin-whitening creams…gross).  But going faux doesn’t have to be that obvious or that painful, either.  Here’s five sneaky ways to fake it without going under the knife twenty times:

1.  False lashes.  False lashes are the perfect way to create the illusion of big eyes and alertness (because we obviously lack the second in our 9 AM classes).  Just don’t glue your eyes shut.  K?  (We’re actually obsessed with Ardell Duralash Naturals, $4,

2.  Clip-on bangs.  Wanna switch up your ‘do for the spring, sans commitment?  Here’s your chance.  Clip on some fringe, and get ready  for some serious head-turning.  The best part?  No appointments necessary.  Still a skeptic?  Our rear-idol Kim Kardashian was, too, but now she swears by ’em.  (Best “bangs” for your buck?  Scunci Faux Hair Clip On Bangs, $10,

3.  Self tanner.  Sun-kissed skin is sexy.  Skin damage isn’t.  Skip the bed, and instead apply self tanner all over for an irresistible glow.  Go ahead, tell your friends you were in St. Tropez over spring break.  We won’t say a word.  (For a more realistic little white lie, we recommend St. Tropez Self Tan Dark Bronzing Mousse, $44,

4. The faux bob.  Feel like shocking your mom with a little more than just bangs?  The faux bob’s yet another way to ring in spring without stepping foot in the salon.  Taylor Swift, Carrie Underwood, and Vanessa Hudgens have done it (Apparently the short ‘do attracts werewolves, hockey players, and singing high schoolers – who knew?).  Just promise us you’ll show your mom you still have those locks before she passes out.  The ‘do can be dangerous.  But, really.  (Celeb stylist Eugene Smith shares how to perfect it.)

5.  Push-up bra.  Fake boobs can be scary (especially in the looks department and the fact that they can explode) and also pricey (like fifteen-pairs-of-Jimmy-Choos pricey).  A better option?  A super cute push-up bra.  The VS Angels have nothing on us…after we head to Nordies, of course!  (Get sultry with Elle Macpherson Intimates “Dessert Heart” Uplift Plunge Underwire Bra in Lipstick Red,

So, go faux or go home.  Just don’t look like this:

(Sorry, Ella.  We still think your psychic skills are super cool.  Bet you didn’t predict this.)

-Kati Holland

 Images courtesy of  Graphic Design BlenderCrushable, Starcasm,  Los Angeles Times, InStyle, UsMagazine, St. Tropez, Total Beauty, Harrods, and All About the Real Housewives.

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