Control Your Curls!

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Control Your Curls!

The volume and versatility of curly hair can be the envy of every girl, but it can also be challenging to manage. Curly-haired girls have to tackle frizz, tricky cuts, weather changes, and styling difficulties on a regular basis. However, there are a few tricks up our sleeve that’ll  help you keep your curls in check this winter.

Choose products wisely: Experts agree that you need to be choosy when it comes to your hair. Sometimes a shampoo that says it will help enhance curls can really just bring you down. Some tips when picking a shampoo: pick something that contains moisturizing elements such as Shea butter to help fight frizz. Try Aveda “be curly.” Shampoo for maximum results. Also keep in mind that sometimes it can be best to limit washing in order to retain some of your natural, beneficial hair oils. Too much washing can dry your hair and cause excessive oil production in between washes.  When picking products, look online first for reviews and consumer tips about particular products. Amazon is a great place to look through reviews and leave your own remarks about your favorite products. My current favorite for curly hair: Bumble and Bumble “Curl Conscious” products, especially their Reactivating Mist.

Invest in a good haircut: A bad haircut can cause long-term damage to your everyday style. While it may be painful to pay for an expensive haircut, it will be worth it to have your hair curl in a predictable, beautiful manner every day. When looking for a place to get a hair cut, make sure to review any salon’s website. It is important to educate yourself by reading the biographies and work experience of the stylists. When you go to the salon or book an appointment, make sure to ask about experience and technique cutting hair. Then, right before you get it cut, be very vocal about exactly what you want your hair to look like. Bringing a picture as a visual reference can be helpful. Make sure to show up with your natural hair, styled as you would every day, so that your stylist can see it. Salon Ricochete is a highly reviewed option in Center City for getting a good cut (and they serve you free snacks – what a bonus!).

With these tips you can rock your curls au natural every day. Don’t be afraid to take some risks! There can be great benefits to adding your own twists to the classic curl.

– Madeleine Wilson

 Images courtesy of Women’s Health Magazine (1, 2).

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