Worst Fad Diets of 2012 to Avoid in 2013

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Worst Fad Diets of 2012 to Avoid in 2013

Every year, the BDA (British Dietetic Association) releases a highly-anticipated list of the “Top Five Dodgy Celeb Diets to Avoid” in the New Year.  This year, we 100% agree.  Cheers to the diets who cost some of our fave celebs their dignity (and made us feel better about ourselves):


1.  The Dukan Diet

Named after its creator, French physician Pierre Dukan, this complicated, four-phase diet screams “crazy!”  Even if Duchess Kate Middleton swears by the French diet (which basically consists of stuffing yourself with protein), we don’t.  Sorry, Kate.  You may be a Princess, but you’re not our dietitian.  And we’re not okay with yours.  Or with lacking energy, being constipated, and scaring classmates with our bad breath.  Au revoir, Dukan.  See you never again.


2.  The KEN (Ketogenic Enteral Nutrition) Diet 

If going without food for ten days while carrying a plastic bag full of a “delicious” liquid nutritional formula that drips into your stomach via plastic feeding tube sounds like a walk in the park, this extreme diet may be for you.  Otherwise, you can avoid the awkward “OMG, I’m so sorry – are you…okay?” comments that would otherwise ensue.  Plus, if you don’t have a life threatening disease, you probably shouldn’t be on a feeding tube.


3.  “Partygirl” IV Drip Diet.  

Basically the same  concept as psycho KEN, but only used to fight hangovers.  Dear Simon Cowell and Rihanna, have you ever heard of traditional hangover cures, like taking a cold shower or eating a greasy egg and cheese sandwich for breakfast? We recommend finding other, more natural ways to take care of that pounding headache. Sincerely, us.  Who knew IVs could become practically celebs themselves?


4.  The Drunkorexia Diet.

This new “fad” involves cutting calories during the week and banking them for alcohol on the weekends.  Is this even a diet?  Sounds like college.



5.  The Six Weeks to OMG Diet.  

“Get skinnier than all your friends” by skipping breakfast, drinking coffee, and taking cold baths, argues author of the bestseller, Venice A. Fulton.  He also argues that broccoli can make you just as fat as a can of soda! And putting girls against girls to lose weight?  Okay, Mr. Venice A. Fulton (or should we say, Mr. Paul Khanna, your real name), you’ve crossed the line.  We want to get skinny with our friends – not end up as the skinny girl whose friends get to eat Insomnia.

2012, you were a great year.  Your wacky diets?  Not so much.

-Kati Holland

Images courtesy of My Art PrintsThe Celeb Foodie,  fm97, The New York Times, MirrorFavim, and Cleo.


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