Style Guide: Recruitment Edition


Style Guide: Recruitment Edition

The beginning of the spring semester marks both a new term and the start of sorority recruitment. A 7-day process, recruitment can be stressful, especially when it comes to what to wear. Those recruitment pamphlets from Panhel with sections on outfit choices just can’t answer all your questions! Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here’s a comprehensive guide for what you should wear each day:


1. Open House Rounds

For both Open House days, think about outfits you would wear out to dinner with your boyfriend’s parents. You want to impress the girls you meet by showing them you can wear a chic outfit without baring lots of skin. Pick a simple dress and pair it with a blazer or a statement jacket. If you want to wear a printed dress, don’t over-accessorize. This could distract the eyes of the girl speaking to you. Remember, it’s important to look put together and presentable!


2. Skit Round

When planning outfits for this round, think along the same lines as above. However, during the round, each house will be performing a skit for you to see. You’re usually asked to sit on the floor of the house with fifty other girls and not a lot of space. To make moving around easier, choose pants instead of skirts. Try to stay away from plain blue jeans. Instead, pair a sweater with darker pants, patterned jeans, or thick leggings.



3. Philanthropy Round

This round is the most casual of all recruitment. Feel free to wear jeans or leggings if desired! Pair a comfortable knit sweater or chiffon blouse with leggings and riding boots or ballet flats. If you think that combination is too boring, opt for a loose dark gray sweater with leather leggings and combat boots. Comfort is key for this round.


4. Preference Round

Don your cocktail dress for the most formal round of recruitment. The idea again is to look put together so stay away from the short and tight combo. Find a simple, solid colored dress and accessorize with a clutch that adds a pop of color or wear a statement dress with black tights and heels. Make sure you find a pair of shoes you are confident you can walk in. You never know what icy conditions the January weather might throw at you on this night.


5. Bid Day

Congratulations! You’re done with the process. Wear any top you would like with jeans. You’ll most likely change into new T-shirts to rep your new sorority.

Recruitment may seem like a stressful process style-wise, but follow the advice above, and you’ll be ready for any round. Leave a comment below if you’re still puzzled over how to appropriately choose an outfit for each day.

-The Walk Magazine


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